A Year in Pictures by Ross at The Luxury Editor

The last 12 months were a busy year for me (Ross) as I managed to cram in visiting 12 countries in as many months. So I thought I would take stock of where I have been and publish an image from each place I went to and what the picture means to me.


Edinburgh Castle

Scotland is my home so it doesnt really count technically but I love this picture which I took in Princess street gardens looking up at the castle next to a fountain called the Ross fountain, which I approve of 😉



I never nearly got to visit the Philippines as I messed my flight up and had to rebook, but when I did finally get to the tiny island of Borocay it was like arriving in paradise. I took this picture the night we went out on the fishing boats to watch the sun going down. It is so sad to hear about the terrible devastation in the Philippines now.



I spent about 4 months last year living in Melbourne and I ended up loving the energy of the city. One of my favourite things about the city is some of the amazing grafitti art which is allowed in certain areas, some of it literally are pieces of art.



I was lucky enough to travel across Cambodia last new year and I feel privileged to have seen such a beautiful culture and people. Whilst Phnom Pehn is incredibility busy and somewhat in your face, some areas of the city are beautiful and tranquil. I loved walking past the Royal palace and seeing these monks going about their daily routine.



I love the energy of Bangkok and have been lucky to have visited the city a number of times now. I took this picture of the elephant roundabout near where I was staying last time. The structure is so beautifu set against the blue sky.



I went to Poland with one of my best friends for a week away. We stayed in Krakow and what an absolutely beautiful city this is, cold but beautiful. I took this picture as we walked back into the main square after having dinner and caught the fresh snow that had fallen.



Macau is a place I think you either love or hate, I have to admin I didn’t take to it. I had high hopes having been to Las Vegas a number of times, but the city lacks the energy that Vegas has. I did like this picture I took of the entrance to the Venetian hotel.

New Zealand


I stayed for a few weeks in New Zealand, basing myself in Queenstown, it’s one of the few places in the world where I have been totally blown away by the natural beauty, and the south island is certainly one of those places. I took this picture driving to Glenorchy, I think it must be one of the most breathtaking places in the world.



Dubai I must admit I don’t know too well as I only used it as stop off point for further travel. I took this picture in the morning as people were making their way to work, the marina in Dubai has a surreal quality to it, much like the rest of Dubai, I would like to go back sometime and explore the city further.

Hong Kong


I don’t know where to start with Hong Kong, its my home from home almost, my best friends live there so I have been many times now. I love the energy, the people, the claustrophobia, the smells and everything that assaults your senses in Hong Kong. I took the picture above when I was walking about Mongkok on my own one night.



Vietnam is another beautiful country and I would go back there in a flash. I took this picture in the amazingly tranquil town of Hoi An. For some reason this building was lit up at night and it took my fancy. I think it makes a good picture.



After living in Australia, Kuala Lumpur was my first port of call and I spent a good length of time in Malaysia and came back to it a couple of times. One of the first things I did when I got to KL was goto the Batu Caves which the picture above is and it is quite a breathtaking place to visit!



Singapore lacks the energy other asian cities have, but I did enjoy the little pockets of culture that are wedged between the luxury shopping malls, I especially loved taking this picture of a family doing the typical tourist thing and pretending to hold up a building.

You can see more of my pictures from the last 12 months on our Pinterest board

So these are my favourite pictures of the last 12 months, what are yours?