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Artisan Coffee Co. Launches Limited Edition Coffee Advent Calendar For Christmas

Introducing Artisan Coffee Co.’s limited edition coffee advent calendars ideal for coffee fans this Christmas. With three options available – the Pod Calendar, the Coffee Bag Calendar, and the Ultimate Pod Calendar – each calendar includes 24 drawers, one for each day in the run-up to Christmas. Each calendar features a rotation of Artisan Coffee Co.’s six iconic blends, so you’re sure to find the perfect character this festive season!

If you’re looking for a little indulgence the Ultimate Coffee Pod Calendar is the perfect option. It comes with a selection of 50 coffee pods and 50 chocolates, making it great for sharing with family and friends. Whether you’re a coffee lover or a chocoholic, this calendar is sure to please.

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While the Ultimate Selection Pack Box is the perfect gift for friends or family. With single servings of each blend, in a variety of options (coffee bags, pods or ground coffee) plus matching chocolates, this new signature box is the perfect dinner party gift for hosts and hostesses, or for those who you can’t decide what to get.

About Artisan Coffee Co

Artisan Coffee Co., which was co-founded by Michelin-starred Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts, is committed to providing premium coffee which can be enjoyed every day by everyone. They celebrate coffee in its purest form, putting flavour first. There are six coffee blends in the range, which feature alongside a range of beautifully crafted ‘Chocolate Flights’ – chocolate disks which are bursting with flavour and are designed to amplify the characteristics of each of the coffees, delivering a taste sensation in every sip.

Full Details

Artisan Coffee Co. advent calendars are available to buy now via their website.

There are three options available: pods, ground coffee bags or both. Pod and Coffee Bag Calendars are priced at £24.99 and have 24 drawers, with one serving of coffee in each.

The Ultimate Coffee Pod Calendar is priced at £69.95 with two servings of coffee and chocolate in each door.

The Ultimate Selection Pack is priced at £34.99, including single serves of each blend in a variety of options, plus all the matching chocolates.