Benefits of a Luxury Self-Catering Holiday

Hatty Webster and Bianca Neagu from The Edinburgh Address a luxury serviced apartment provider, shares their thoughts with how the self-catering sector is revolutionising luxury travel.

When we return from a holiday, what’s the most likely thing we’ll say to whoever is willing to listen to us blab on about what a fantastic time we’ve had? “I wish I could have stayed longer!” Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford to stay one or two months somewhere – we have jobs that bind us to fixed addresses, families and children and a program that does not match a nomadic lifestyle. This does not mean, however, that we must fracture our treasured retreat days into small pieces and speed through our holiday, trying to see every little thing in a short time, ending up going back home more squeezed of energy than we were when we left.

Envisage how wondrous it would be if, while travelling, you could revel in all the facilities, comfort and security that only a home portrays – then have all of these neatly wrapped up to be presented with the same luxury as you’d expect with a hotel room. Voila – these are the qualities that are presented to you with a self-catering apartment or house.

There are many ingredients that shape your trip and assemble the ideal holiday, but unquestionably, the place where you rest your head each night is the most imperative factor. When you know that after a day of wandering around the city or an afternoon full of business meetings you can relax a in a luxurious, comfortable, spacious and serene area – then, at least part of your trip is guaranteed to be perfect.

The Edinburgh Address Lounge

So what is it that the luxury self-catering option can offer that hotel alternatives can’t?

Privacy and enhanced comfort

Being fully furnished and equipped according to your daily needs, self-catering apartments and houses have a homely charm that hotels do not. You will have the impression that you are visiting someone you know in their home – except you won’t be bothered by anyone (unless you want to be), which increases the privacy and comfort you experience.

Sit back and relax!

Every trip, whatever its purpose, agitates us at one time or another. In your own self-catering apartment, whether you’re just with your partner in a one bedroom apartment, or with extended family who’ve booked out a 6 bedroom house for a relative’s birthday, you’ll always have more space than in a hotel room. Self-catering guarantees more room to work and relax.

The Edinburgh Address Table

Slow travel is good travel

Don’t rush your holiday. When you have your own self-catering apartment to stay in, you’re on no-one’s schedule but your own. You don’t have to rush out of bed to catch breakfast at 7.30am in the morning, because guess what? You can make it whenever you blooming feel like it! When you have more time, you start to look at people and details. When you are not in a rush, you are more likely to find less frequented corners and you’ll succeed, eventually, to exit the main high street thoroughfares and onto the graceful cobbled lanes which house all the most interesting shops and cafés.

If you want more, you can get more

If you’ve opted for a hotel whilst you’re on holiday, it’ll pretty much do what it says on the tin. With a self-catering apartment, your possibilities are (almost) endless. At The Edinburgh Address, we offer luxurious booking extras including relaxing beauty treatments and pamper parties, a professional chef, and a bespoke whisky tasting event – all in the comfort of your apartment – and why not let us arrange an executive car pick up and drop off back to the airport, to make sure you really do start your holiday in style.