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Byredo’s Release “Symphonique” Candle This Black Friday Weekend

Ben Gorham’s luxurious beauty and lifestyle brand is releasing some rather amazing limited editions this Black Friday weekend and we have our eye on this candle called Symphonique. Which describes itself as a symphony is a complex and powerful work of music, and the best symphonies can be interpreted many times, the echo of something familiar and new – all at once.

Woody, spicy and powdery: Symphonique’s piercing top notes of Bitter Orange and Anise create and uplifting arc of soothing citrus and spice, above a warm heart harmony of Beeswax, Ginger and Clove. The textural base of Bran and Cedarwood leave a lasting trace. Lingering memories of winter nights spent at home, elevated and evolving with the passing of time.

Along side the candle the brand has also released a selection of hand creams and “Lil Fleur” fragrances. You can find the full limited edition range over on their website and they ship to the US, Canada ad the EU.