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Cambridge Distillery Launch Their Vintage 2021 Autumn Winter Gin This October

The new limited edition Vintage 2021 Autumn Winter gin from Cambridge Distillery will be launching this October. This gin captures the unique essence and flavour of a seasonal blend of locally-foraged fresh botanicals. The botanicals for this gin were gathered on the meadows close to the distillery in the early and cold Autumn of 2021. This gin represents a new approach to gin making, showcasing the essence and flavour of a specific harvest. This is an element which is highly valued in wines and other spirits.

William Lowe, Master Distiller and Master of Wine, has expertly crafted Vintage 2021 Autumn Winter using a unique novo-dimensional distillation matrix. This matrix tailors the treatment of each fresh, locally-foraged and delicate botanical by adjusting variables such as temperature, timing, and pressure. The resulting distillates are then expertly blended to create a clean, crisp gin with a taste profile of green notes of lemon thyme and oregano that are complemented by lovage and nasturtium, providing depth and spice towards a long and lingering finish.

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The new launch celebrates Cambridge Distillery’s 10th anniversary and is a true collectors’ item. It expresses William Lowe’s distinct approach to how we should experience gin. 

William has commented: “Vintage 2021 Autumn Winter is a gin with real provenance and draws from the world of wine in terms of regional expression and vintage variation to ensure they are tangibly different from another. Bringing this hyper-local approach using fresh botanicals combined with a pioneering approach to distillation and blending to our Vintage 2021 Autumn Winter gin, results in a true testimony of the dramatically changing autumn and winter seasons, reflective of the Cambridge Distillery meadows in early Autumn 2021.”

Further Details

Cambridge Distilleries Vintage 2021 Autumn is priced at £150 and has limited availability of 1000 bottles and is available via their online shop at