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Glenmorangie And The Shoe Surgeon Announce A Limited-Edition Trainer Drop

Scottish Highland Distillery Glenmorangie and American designer The Shoe Surgeon may seem like an unusual pairing, but like their sneakers, it turns out they’re the perfect fit. Over the past 12 months, the brands from across the pond and very different worlds have been collaborating on a series of exciting events and products. And now they bring us a limited edition run of just 100 sneakers. 

The Shoe Surgeon

The Shoe Surgeon is Dominic Ciambrone, creator of SRGN Studios, a Los Angeles-based collective brought together to push the boundaries of shoe-making and rework the design codes. The Studios specialise in custom-tailored solutions, placing an emphasis on integrated marketing and branded experience. This out-of-the-box approach led to a partnership with the Scottish heritage distillery, Glenmorangie.

The Shoe Surgeon spoke of the bond between the two brands:

“Merging Glenmorangie’s wonderful world of premium whisky and our craft of luxury bespoke shoemaking has been a rewarding journey – just as they carefully select the finest ingredients and methods to create the smoothest and most complex of whiskies, we share the same level of excellence and passion. Through our partnership, we’re elevating the luxury experience to new heights.” 

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Hand-crafted shoes from the world of whisky

The new sneakers have been inspired by Glenmorangie’s playfulness and longstanding elegance. They mimic the whisky bond’s bold use of colour and materials, paying homage to the brand’s trademark orange. The sneakers also sport a barley textured suede as a nod to the liquid’s ingredients and copper detailing inspired by Glenmorangie’s signature stills. Finally, a tartan lining offers a reminder of the distillery’s geographical location and heritage. 

The Mobile Shoe Surgeon Studio

Kicking off the launch, a bespoke Mobile Shoe Surgeon Studio will deliver a select number of sneakers through an unprecedented delivery service. This will combine a VIP tasting and sneaker customisation experience at each recipient’s front door, further melding these two previously separate entities, into one one-off experience. 

 Dr. Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation at Glenmorangie said of the collab:

“Watching Dominic take inspiration from his trip to our distillery and ultimately translate the essence of this partnership into a physical pair of sneakers has been tremendously exciting. We’re thrilled to finally share the news of this drop and look forward to finding more unexpected ways to welcome new people into the wonderful world of Glenmorangie.”