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Hernö’s Four Organic Gins Debut in Ocado

A timely arrival for the winter and festive season, Hernö has launched four new organic gins in the Ocado store. Coming from one of the world’s most awarded (and mpst northerly) distilleries, Hernö’s gins originate in the village of Dala, just outside of Härnösand in Ångermanland, Sweden. Part of the UNESCO world heritage area: The High Coast of Sweden, this region offers some spectacular scenery and was the location of choice for gin entrepreneur (and ex-bartender) Jon Hillgren. The distillery was formed in 2011 in a bid to create organic, artisan gin using the finest botanicals. It’s housed in traditional Swedish style – a quaint red and white farmhouse. Jon Hillgren was inducted into the Gin Hall of Fame in 2019.

Hernö London Dry Gin

The first of the four is the London Dry Gin. At 40.5% abv, this is crafted from natural and carefully selected organic botanicals. Round and smooth it contains juniper character, fresh citrus notes and floral complexity. Rich and slightly oily on the palate, it’s also fresh, with crunchy green and spicy tones of coriander. A mellow sweetness combined with vanilla, cassia bark, citrus and a hint of black pepper lingers after each delectable sip. It’s won the IWSC World’s best London Dry Gin and World’s Best Gin & Tonic.

Buy from Ocado RRP £31.95

Hernö Old Tom Gin

A slightly stronger spirit with a 43% abv, this is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin and Hernö Navy Strength Gin. But additional Meadowsweet and a touch of honey are added here. As a result, floral notes come to the fore, releasing an array of juniper for a smooth finish. Old Tom is full-bodied with woody spice,  bright, juicy juniper, pine and botanical notes.

Buy From Ocado RRP £34.95

Hernö Sloe Gin

This infusion of Hernö Gin and organic sloe berries is matured for three months and finally sweetened. Soft, floral blackthorn, sweet vanilla, a touch of nuttiness and mellow woody notes are blended with a dry, tart palate. Meanwhile, partakers can detect notes of meadowsweet, floral creaminess, gentle hints of dried flowers and hay. A lower alcohol percentage (30% abv) gives the spirit less of a kick, perfect for those seeking to lower their units.

Buy From Ocado RRP £39.95

Hernö Juniper Cask Gin

This is the first gin in the world to have been matured in juniper wood casks. The resulting notes are intense, balanced with citrus peel. A nose of fresh woodiness and juniper pine melds soft citrus blossoms and a gentle dryness. Herbal pepper, a mild vanilla sweetness, aromatic citrus, and notes of coriander are finished with sappy juniper. This is the strongest of the four at a heady 47% ABV.

Buy From Ocado RRP £57.95

Available in 25 countries worldwide, Hernö was the most awarded gin in Europe from 2012-17. And now these much-lauded gins have landed in Ocado, making them accessible to homes across the UK.

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