Interview with Iain Ainsworth – White Line Hotels

When we first met Iain Ainsworth founder of last year we knew we had to interview him. We loved his charm and style and the whole White Line Hotel concept, so we definitely wanted to share Iain’s story with our TLE readers.


Iain tell us a bit about your background – how did you get into the travel sector?

I was fortunate enough to have well travelled grandparents who imparted a love of travel – I am not the type who needs to travel far to get a kick as I love to be part of the coming & going of people. I also read the book HOTEL as a teenager which sort of got me into the world of hotels.

We are familiar with White Line Hotels, but can you explain the concept to our readers?

I wanted to create a deli of places to go and stay, each with its own story (now 40 plus hotels), each with an identity, each very different from the next. We pulled together an edit of hotels that echo the destination and neighbourhood out of a natural understanding and are crafted in concept. I like to marry the simply artisan with the luxury, the designer joint with the eco hideaway. We highlight the member hotels with a sense of a community for the seekers of the good life and who understand the concept without the big labels. Our smallest place has just 4 rooms and we go up to just over 100 and are the sort of places where you can chill.

Which is the most quirky / creative of your properties?

I have a couple of places that fit the creative remit, but one in particular stands out and that is the JUVET in Norway – a surreal, simple concept that leaves you memorised. The other place would have to be the Consolacion in Spain – a combo of nature, history and design.


The next big date in the calendar is Valentines day, what properties in your portfolio would you recommend to our readers looking for a romantic trip away?

The SON BRULL in Mallorca – perfect in February as the island is cast full of almond blossom – that’s one way to win over anyones heart.


If you had to spend the rest of your days in one country which would it be and why?

A difficult one, as I have 2 which I hopefully will manage to achieve – firstly would have to be Switzerland – the central location is perfect, you get the alps on the doorstep and can still be in Italy in a few hours. The second would be Greece – I love the Greeks, once a friend, then always a friend, it is a stunning country and I feel at home.

We love a bit of luxury, which properties in your portfolio are right at the top of the luxury scale?

We have a luxury cluster as I think it is equally essential as is a simple arty concept – We have a couple of deliciously luxurious pads including the WIDDER HOTEL in Zurich or the PARK HOTEL in Lake Lucerne, both in Switzerland and of course our flagship over the pond in New York, THE GREENWICH HOTEL created by Robert di Niro.