Luxury Luggage Brands

When jetting off to some exotic location, sunglasses on, passport in hand, business class extra leg room seat awaiting you, what can make you feel even more like an A-lister? The perfect luggage of course! Whether you are appreciative of the best leather craftsmanship or a fan of the latest aeronautically engineered technology, we know some of the best brands in the business.

Aspinals of London

Heritage: Founded in 2000 Aspinal of London is an English designer of luxury leather goods for men and women. Their products are created in small workshops by artisans in England and Italy. Aspinal was primarily an online retailer until 2006 when they opened their first store in Selfridges in London. In addition to their high-quality travel luggage, Aspinal also makes handbags, stationery, wallets, briefcases and other accessories. Aspinal products have been seen on many famous faces including Taylor Swift, Olivia Palermo, David Gandy, Pippa Middleton, Kim Sears and The Duchess of Cambridge. Aspinal London are also part of the London Fashion Week schedule, showing collections twice a year.

Expertise:  The fundamental of Aspinal of London is to offer customers the most elegant and superior quality design, aimed to last a lifetime. Each piece is lovingly created by a team of talented designers in their West Sussex headquarters. Each product is handmade by genuine leather craftsmen and women to bring great value products at a decent price.

Mission:  Aspinal of London want you to experience the quintessentially British, refined lifestyle through using their products. Their mission is for you to enjoy and appreciate the entire shopping experience with Aspinal and cherish your products for years to come.

Best for:  Beautiful, quality leather goods at an affordable price.



Heritage: The original luggage with grooves. The pioneering period of initial aircraft travel is what inspires the design behind the iconic RIMOWA luggage. Although the brand was established by Koffermanufaktur Paul Morszeck in 1898 in Colgone, it wasn’t until the 1920s when the company’s iconic designs were innovatively fashioned out of light-weight aluminium. The grooves appeared in 1950 to create the distinctive style of RIMOWA so recognisable today. In 2000, the company created their first luggage out of the ultra-light but durable polycarbonate, the first brand in the industry to do so. This innovation in design and durability continues to be at the forefront of RIMOWA product creation today.

Expertise: RIMOWA is still a family company. Today’s CEO is the grand-son of the brand’s founder. He is as equally uncompromising when to comes to the craftsmanship and precision in creating luggage as his father and grandfather was. The brand has found the balance between tradition and innovation to create a product known for its quality. An immense two hundred single components and more than ninety work-steps combine to make the finished products and many of the processes are still done by hand.

Mission: “Handmade meets high-tech”.  Spirit of innovation. Combine great design, cutting edge innovation and technology and top quality production processes and quality control. Brand considered pioneer in premium-class luggage that will last a lifetime

Best for:  Elegant and durable suitcases for sophisticated globetrotters.



Heritage: Established in 1853 in Paris, and formerly known as Martin, Goyard is an experienced french trunk and leather goods brand – it is even older than Louis Vuitton! The brand is notoriously secretive and refuses to embrace e-commerce or even grant interviews. The brand’s legacy dates back as far back as the the late 1700s when the House of Martin was a favourite with the french aristocracy. The Goyard family were originally log drivers from Burgundy, and this inspired the characteristic pattern of the ‘Goyardine canvas’ used on the brands products. Goyard has become somewhat of an elitist institution with an international (and quite famous) clientele. Their quality products encourage brand loyalty, no more obvious than in their ongoing relationship with Karl Lagerfeld whose account was opened in 1972 and still regularly purchases Goyard products.

Expertise: Goyard create all their beautiful products in state of the art workshops using highly trained artisans. The business has been designing for literally centuries and they are committed to highest standards in terms of skills and style. Goyard’s aim to be a beacon of timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity has meant their products have excelled in design and quality. Goyard has also been instrumental in shaping of a structured luxury sector in France. Robert Goyard, alongside hotel mogul Charles Ritz and fine-jeweller Louis Boucheron, set up the Comite Vendome.

Mission:  Goyard create timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. They shun trends and fads and focuses on high quality craftsmanship. The brand draws from its incredible heritage to create products that appeal to those looking for the highest exclusivity, unparallelled craftsmanship, and refined design. In a disposable society, Goyard products are meant to last.

Best for:  Personalisation, bespoke pieces, unparalleled quality.


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