Luxury Spa Resorts

Get ready to leave all your cares and worries at the door as we know the most incredible places across the globe for total and utter relaxation and rejuvenation. We guarantee you will return from any of these spa resorts feeling like a totally new person. Let’s leave you in the hands of the experts with our recommended luxury spa resorts…

Aman Resorts

Heritage: Created in 1988 when the first Aman retreat was built on Phuket’s west coast (the ‘Amanpuru a.k.a ‘place of peace’), the Aman brand has grown into one of the leading and most recognizable names in luxury retreats. Today Aman boast 33 resorts, hotels and private residencies in 21 countries. Aman continue to push boundaries with their transformative experiences in some of the world’s most incredibly beautiful and restorative locations.

Expertise:  Known for their jaw-dropping locations unsurpassed in natural beauty, Aman resorts draw from these amazing settings to create experiences that are welcoming and integrative of local knowledge, rituals and ingredients. The various Aman treatments focus on transformation through movement, nutrition, fitness and spiritual awareness. Their resorts use a myriad of ancient techniques including Ayurveda (a 5000-year-old preventative medicine), Japanese and Zen health practices, Qi Gong 5 elements cleansing and Buddhist practices and mediation.

Mission: To welcome guests as if to the home of a friend, to instill peace and belonging, and to rightly honour the diverse natural landscapes of the locations the resorts reside. The Aman journey is one of reawakening and rediscovery – they believe reconnecting with your environment and the purity of nature offers the most efficient way to discover the best version of yourself.  They hope their wellness retreats will offer rejuvenation, a higher level of mindfulness and to harmonise and heal the body and mind from within.

Best for: Individual wellness immersions or Group wellness retreats


Sixe Senses

Heritage: Founded in 1995, Six Senses was created with a strict focus in mind – to promote responsible practices in top-tier hospitality. Over 20 years on, Six Senses continues to honour its commitment to sustainable development, inspirational design, and innovative service and experiences in the luxury lifestyle sector. Six Senses resorts are located in unique and stunningly beautiful locations, creating for inspiring experiences that cultivate strong guest loyalty.

Expertise: Six Senses spas focus on a layered and personalised approach to wellness. They work with guests to work out the best personal paths to finding harmony and balance from the inside. From signature massages and specialist therapies, to functional fitness and personalised nutritional programmes, Six Senses take the opportunity to work with guests to meet their individual needs. The far flung but accessible locations of the spas also offer inspiration for treatments and therapies, influences that weave throughout every wellness journey with Six Senses.

Mission: To create bespoke and specially crafted wellness experiences for guests that respect local sensitivities, uphold the brands values of sustainability and responsibility for the environment, are at the forefront of pioneering wellness, incorporate an emotionally intelligent approach, and to ensure all experiences are fun, unique and sometimes unusual

Best for:  An all-round approach to wellness and their amazing schedule of visiting practitioners


One & Only

Heritage: Compared to similar resort brands, the rise of One & Only has been fast and meteoric. Founded in 2002 by South African businessman Solomon Kernzer, One & Only has become one of the most well-respected luxury wellness brands in the world. They are proud of the beautiful locales of their resorts and their benchmarking standards in luxury spa escapes. Each one of their resorts offers a different and unique style and personality inspired by the local culture, a focus on genuine hospitality and a vibrant energy running throughout the brand.

Expertise: One & Only internationally acclaimed spas offer experiences that are both unique and customized, drawing upon traditions of the land the resorts inhabit. They focus on utilising local knowledge and expertise to create distinctive treatments, for example at Le Saint Geran resort, Mauritian traditions, techniques and ingredients are used to help guests receive the best health-giving benefits in this tropical paradise. At their most celebrate spa in Palmilla, Mexico, they are known for their progressive results-driven therapies. Here, the One & Only team have created a special collection of curated treatments known for rejuvenation and renewal which take a holistically therapeutic approach to healing and wellness drawing on experiences from the indigenous Manyan tribe of Sonora.

Mission: Recognising each guest as an individual, personalizing spa experiences for each guest to create unique wellness journeys. Each is created with a three-fold approach; to Unwind, Restore and elevate the mind, body and soul. One & Only ensures that all resorts show an appreciate for the delicate local eco-systems and that they act as a platform to educate about and promote its individual surroundings.

Best for:  Spoil yourself luxury-spa treatments


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