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Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel Inaugurates A Stunning New Art Exhibition With Artist Anthony James

Rosewood Villa Magna boasts an extraordinary collection of more than 382 works of art by 43 artists that bring beauty to each space, reflecting the unique spirit of the Anglada Palace, and transforming this ultra-luxury hotel into a cultural meeting point and artistic immersion.
This latest exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore space and light through the sacred geometry of emotional pieces that reflect on the universe and its infinity.

Madrid’s famous art triangle, made up of the three most important museums in the capital: the Prado Museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, and the Reina Sofia Museum, has been joined by a secret corner located in the heart of the Paseo de la Castellana, where some of the most fascinating contemporary works are exhibited: the Rosewood Villa Magna hotel.

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In this context, the influential Madrid hotel, which continues to show its commitment to culture and art through cultural experiences with Opera Gallery, is pleased to announce an exceptional artistic collaboration with renowned British artist Anthony James. This unique event brings to Madrid a multidimensional artistic experience that will immerse visitors in the particular creative world of a sculptor who leaves no one indifferent, through a visual demonstration of the infinity and divinity that we all carry within us.

Known for his monumental installations, James’ work pivots around minimalism, materiality and experimentation with light and space. “It doesn’t matter what your educational level is, what language you speak, what culture you grew up in or where you are from, my work is about a universal language based on sacred geometry,” assures the artist.

This is also true at Rosewood Villa Magna, where the hotel’s historic walls are enriched and connect people from all over the world, establishing itself as the ideal environment, due to its commitment to cultural diversity, for the most avant-garde and groundbreaking artistic expressions.  

In this case, the two sculptures by Anthony James – “Wall Portal (Solar Black)” and “Dodecahedron (Gold)”- will be on display in the lobby and in the corridor of the Tarde.O bar, inside which visitors will also find a collection of real and imaginary portraits of personalities that have shaped the Palacio de Anglada throughout its history.

In addition, within the prestigious hotel you can continue to freely enjoy the work of one of the most international contemporary Spanish artists, Manolo Valdés. Specifically, it will be possible to admire “The City”, a fascinating piece that shows the movement in a hypnotic way, trapping the viewer in a game of steel figures and colours of Murano glass. The bronze head follows the scheme of Matisse’s Odalisques, in which the influential Valencian artist delights in the orography of the material to reveal the beauty of this feminine face.

It is worth remembering that, in its commitment to culture, Rosewood Villa Magna has an extraordinary collection of more than 380 works of art that bring beauty to each space, reflecting the unique spirit of the Anglada Palace. Inside the hotel you can contemplate marvellous works such as “I Dream in Balenciaga,” a bespoke piece inspired by Madrid aesthetics and Spanish tailoring, from Balenciaga to Oteyza. Another of the dazzling works that Rosewood Villa Magna holds is “Waldweben Diptych”; inspired by the romantic opera “Siegfried” by Wagner. In addition, you can admire the most surrealist photographs of the Lanzarote photographer Fares Micue or the work “Spreading a Wing” by Josephine Cardin, which explores themes such as femininity and sensitivity.

This immersive art experience can be experienced with a guided tour by art expert Raquel Sáez who, with more than 20 years as an expert in artistic dissemination, will provide a unique perspective on the world of art and Spanish culture. The entire experience will begin with a meeting at the Flor y Nata pastry shop, including a coffee or tea to go, and will end with an exquisite, handmade afternoon treat.

The arrival at Rosewood Villa Magna of two of Anthony James’ most iconic pieces is sure to get people talking because, as the visual artist notes, “Art is a way we can communicate with each other. It’s a great way to start a conversation.”  

Rosewood Villa Magna is includes in The Luxury Editor Best Luxury Hotels in Madrid.


The complete art tour experience, snack, and guided tour, will be available upon reservation 48 hours in advance by calling +34 915 871 234 or e-mailing villamagna@rosewoodhotels.com.

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