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Salcombe Gin Pioneers ‘Seamist’ Liquid Garnish for ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ 

The multi-award-winning Salcombe Gin has added the brand new ‘Seamist’ liquid garnish to its collection. Created for Salcombe Gin ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’, the innovative product is presented in a beautiful cut glass atomiser and transports gin lovers to the sunny, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean shoreline – it’s bottled escapism.

Adding sparkle to your winter gatherings 

The perfect pairing for adding a touch of sparkle to your ‘Rosé & Tonic’ experience, this can be enjoyed at home. It makes for a wonderful gift when attending festive drinks or dinner parties. And will prove a memorable Christmas present for those who love a little sparkle in their lives. Buy the standalone ‘Seamist’ liquid garnish or the ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ & ‘Seamist’ gift set.

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Inspired by the vibrant flavours and lifestyle of the Mediterranean coastline

Distilled and crafted with olive, coastal botanicals and Cornish sea salt, the liquid atomiser encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean Sea. Providing exceptional taste with a spirit of adventure, the mist takes its imbiber on an immersive journey of nostalgia with every sip.

Gift set are available to purchase from John Lewis, and the brand’s own stores. The 10cl ‘Seamist’ atomiser has a 60% ABV, with an RRP of £22, while the ‘Seamist’ atomiser & 50cl ‘Rosé Sainte Marie’ gift set has an RRP of £55.

Distilled on ‘Provident’ 

Salcombe Distilling Co. creates exceptional spirits at its waterside distillery on Island Street, inspired by its maritime surroundings. It’s one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat. The brand’s gin is distilled on a 450l bespoke copper pot still viewable through glass doors at the distillery’s tasting bar. Next door there’s a Gin School where visitors can learn about distillation and create their own bottle.