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Samuel Gulliver’s & Co. Proudly Unveils ‘The Fine Drop’: A Whisky Fit for Champions

In an exciting development for whisky connoisseurs and rugby enthusiasts alike, the award-winning whisky producers, Samuel Gulliver’s & Co., have introduced their latest masterpiece: ‘The Fine Drop.’ This exceptional English whisky is unveiled in commemoration of the glorious moment when England’s rugby team clinched the 2003 Rugby World Cup with Jonny Wilkinson’s iconic drop goal in the final seconds. This whisky is a tribute to England Rugby’s finest hour and joins the ranks of Samuel Gulliver’s England’s No. 6 Single Malt Whisky as the Official Whiskies of England Rugby.

‘The Fine Drop’, a single malt English whisky, is meticulously crafted at The English Whisky Company in Norfolk and exclusively bottled for England Rugby by Samuel Gulliver & Co. This whisky represents a harmonious blend of the finest English ingredients, featuring the purest water and the highest quality Concerto two-row barley sourced locally. What sets ‘The Fine Drop’ apart is its maturation in ex-red wine château-style French oak casks from Margaux, Bordeaux, infusing the spirit with delightful notes of dark cherry, lightly spiced currant, and roasted aromas. These exquisite red wine casks have been chosen as a homage to France, the host of the upcoming Rugby World Cup, making Gulliver’s the first English whisky company to release a Margaux cask-finished whisky.

The addition of ‘The Fine Drop’ enriches Samuel Gulliver’s acclaimed range of English single malt whiskies, which includes the peated Bourbon Cask, 10-Year-Old Quarter Cask, STR (Toasted and Re-Charred Cask), PX Sherry Cask, and their signature England’s No. 6 Single Malt.

True to their tradition, Samuel Gulliver’s goal with ‘The Fine Drop’ is to honour the legacy of their founder, Samuel Gulliver, dating back to 1747. Their mission is to create a diverse range of spirits where each bottle epitomizes the skill and craftsmanship of artisan distillers and producers from around the world.

Bottled at a robust 46% ABV, without chill-filtration and with natural colour, ‘The Fine Drop’ is available for £79 and can be purchased through their online store and select retail specialists.