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Santa Ana – A Gin For The Roaring 2020s

Santa Ana, a new gin inspired by the dancehall days of 1920s Manila and its Santa Ana Cabaret, unveiled recently. Set amidst the splendour of the Philippine Art Deco Movement, Santa Ana Cabaret was a musical playground for Manileños of the time and its new, namesake gin evokes the glamour and decadence of this unforgettable era.

Santa Ana’s gin is distilled in the Charente region of France to extract four native Philippine botanicals: Ylang Ylang, Alpinia, Calamansi and Dalandan. Santa Ana’s combination of delicate floral top notes and a fresh tropical citrus palate complements the seven traditional botanicals (including Juniper, Bitter Orange, Angelica and Orris Roots, Fennel) used in the gin, to create a richly exotic taste profile. The Philippines, as one of the world’s biodiversity hot spots, has a range of flora and fauna quite unique in the world, including Santa Ana’s signature botanical Ylang-Ylang, also used as the main ingredient in luxury perfumes such as the iconic Chanel No. 5.

The early 1910s saw the emergence of Manila as a hub of entertainment, with the city becoming a veritable melting pot of cultures. This was due in part to the influx of American investment and influence, which sparked a period of growth and development. A significant contribution to this was made by renowned American architect Daniel Burnham, who designed many of Chicago’s most iconic Art Deco landmarks. His master plans for the overall development of Manila laid the groundwork for the city to become one of the great Art Deco capitals of the world.

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The Santa Ana Cabaret, opened by US soldier John Canson and his local backers, was one of the largest and most well-known cabarets in the Orient. It was famous for its Art Deco architectural style and for its Swing-sational dance music, which attracted well-heeled Manileños and American visitors alike. This period in the Philippines was an age of optimism and opulence, and the Santa Ana Cabaret was a playground for the rich and famous.

Santa Ana Gin, with its Art Deco-inspired bottle, pays homage to 1920s Manila while bringing the optimism and opulence of that era into the 2020s. The gin evokes the nostalgia of a smoky tropical champagne room, big band swing, and the glamour and decadence of days gone by.