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This Year’s Hangouts By Chrystal at TLE

I really liked Ross’ year in pictures so I thought I’d follow in his worldly footsteps and do something similar for myself. As you’ll see I’ve not had quite as busy a year as Ross but it’s still been a good one- visiting some of my most favourite places.


November 12: A trip to The Big Apple over thanksgiving is a special trip for anyone but for me this was extra special as the real purpose of my trip was to spend a few days with two of my closest friends (who had been living in Australia for the past five years) so as you can imagine there was a lot of catching up to do. One of the friends was living and working in NYC so we agreed that would be an exciting rendezvous point. I’ve spent some time in the city before so this trip was spent living like a native New Yorker, hanging out in the East Village at her fave bars, cafes and exploring local market wares.

Chelsea Market NYC

Chelsea Market. Great place for coffee, food and nik naks.


February 13: I love Megeve so much but this year was extra special as my mum and dad joined us. We were out there for my birthday too – we calculated that the last time I celebrated my birthday together on my actual birthday was when I was 18 (fifteen years ago – eeek!). The snow was amazing and the company wonderful so this has to be my best Megeve trip to date.

Stunning scenery. So tranquil.

Stunning scenery. So tranquil.

Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland

May 13: We headed up to the wonderfully luxurious and bursting with heritage hotel to celebrate mine and my husband (Simon) second year anniversary. It was all a surprise so super exciting and it was the first time we’d been away just the two of us since getting married so perfect for some relaxing QT. Unfortunately my camera broke so no pic for this one!

Torba, Turkey

June 13: Another family trip this year. I’m making the most of them aren’t I??! Simon and I spent a week in the sun with my mum and dad at their house in Torba. My sis, her husband and two daughters also joined us so it was great fun. Torba feels like a second home to me, however each time I visit there is a new development, making it even more stylish and appealing than before. The Aman Resort, Amanruya, had recently opened so I had a look around there and of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Torba without an evening at Casa Dell’Arte.

Red Beatle driving along road

The road leading to our house and my dad driving his Beetle. This sight always makes me smile.

Edinburgh, Scotland

August 13: The world renowned Edinburgh festival was a cracker this year and the beautiful weather enhanced the city buzz further. As much as I love the atmosphere I am so bad at making the most of the shows and events that take place. I did dedicate a full weekend to mooching the mix of street performers and caught a couple of shows which were a giggle. The fireworks never fail to impress – lazily, or as I prefer to think conveniently, I watched the magical display from my bedroom window this year.

Edinburgh Fireworks

Spectacular display!

Mallorca, Spain

October 13: I kept telling myself we were going to Palma to hang out with the cool kids. We were not. In fact it couldn’t have been further from cool. The company of this ‘girly group outing’ was fantastic, the destination was not. We do have standards at TLE and unfortunately this trip doesn’t make the cut. Note to self – never leave organisation up to someone else!.