TLE Review Lat56 Red Eye Garment Bag

At TLE we travel a lot, be it long haul of short we love to pack our bags and head off somewhere new. So we were delighted to try out a new release of the short-haul luggage bag product by Scottish high-end luggage company LAT 56. Founded by award-winning designer Kevin Fox this Scottish born and bred brand has been helping change the face of innovative luggage design and technology since the brand was launched in 2010.

So welcome to the Red Eye Carry On Garment Bag, the flagship product in the LAT 56 product line. Bridging the gap between an overnight bag for business and a suit garment bag, this hybrid bag has been especially designed for the business traveller who needs to carry a suit, shoes and clothes and doesn’t want the hassle of carrying multiple bags or to have to check luggage in.



Rectangular in shape and made from extremely light but strong plastic that is both protective but also has some give in it so it is not completely ridgid. The bag is water resistent and designed to take knocks and bashes that are inevitable when traveling. At 1.1kg in weight the bag is super light to carry as well.


A zip around the middle opens the case into two, on the one side you have everything you need to carry a suit, dress or shirts – any items that you don’t want crushed. The bags patented suit packing system means that the garment bag is simply rolled up and placed in the case leaving clothes crease free. The beauty of this is that it simply unrolls when you arrive at your destination and hangs straight into the wardrobe, meaning no need to transfer clothes to hangers. The rubber hanger supplied with the case is designed in partnership with Saville Row and provides protection for your suit shoulders and the rubber is non slip so clothing stays on it and not on the floor.



Simply unroll and the magnet tags allow you to hook it onto any wardrobe pole.



The other side of the bag has been designed to hold a large amount of clothing in a small space and can easily carry a pair of shoes and multiple items of clothing, a wash bag and magazines. It also conveniently had space left over for my Mac, book and camera and the protective shell of the case meant I didn’t have to worry about my valuables in it being damaged.

The clothes compartment also has a zip cover which zips over and contains pockets to keep things safe in. I kept my hotel check in details and other pieces of documentation in it.


The bag comes with a handle for carrying and a strap so you can wear it over one shoulder. If you are taking a wheeled suitcase an additional strap on the back means it can be positioned over the handles of a wheely carrier.

Test Drive

So where did I take my bag to test drive it? Well I took it from Edinburgh down to London when I stayed at Batty Langleys, it was the perfect size for three nights travel.  One thing I did really appreciate about it over a wheely suitcase (I do love a wheely case…) is when I was on the London underground and time is of the essence carrying the bag on my shoulder as opposed to pulling it was a real bonus. I did get some quizzical looks from people wondering what musical instrument I was carrying, but fear not it was just my business attire!

Whilst it is not a substitute for a larger carry on case, I did find it light to carry and being able to take an entire outfit and clothes for 3 days in a small space is incredibly handy.


The Red Eye Carry On Garment Bag is priced at £199 and is available from the website.

Photography at Old Town Chambers Edinburgh

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