Vermut, Gildas & YOU – a Spanish classic with a modern twist at OnlyYOU Atocha

What can be better than a glass of aromatic vermouth, some tasty tapas and good times with friends at the weekend?

It’s been a classic way to relax with friends for generations, and now, reflecting the growing trend and revival of Vermouth drinking in Spain, the OnlyYOU Atocha Hotel in Madrid is launching ‘Vermut, Gildas & YOU’ each weekend from 9th Sept – it’s a fun opportunity to enjoy the traditional taste of vermouth, together with Spanish “gildas” (a simple Spanish tapa usually made from pickles, olives and anchovies – perfect with vermouth) as well as other Spanish tapas created by hotel chef Javi Mora.

Hotel OnlyYOU Atocha is one of the Spanish capital’s most on-trend hotels, with one of the best lobby bar restaurant areas in the country.
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A vermouth and tapas is priced at around €8.
Double rooms at Only YOU Hotel Atocha are priced from €140.00 based on two people sharing.
Tel:  +34 910 052 222