Luxury Hotel Brands

The world has become a small place, with international travel as quick and convenient as it has ever been. However, for those leading a jet-setting life, a new destination doesn’t always mean that familiarity is no longer desirable. Sometimes a name you know you can rely on, that offers exacting standards no matter where in the world you are, is top of the travel list and that is why we’ve composed our list of hotel brands on the Little Black Book we know and truly love.

Six Senses

Heritage: Six Senses has been designing and delivering hotels and resorts since 1995. With a portfolio of properties around the world they opertate to a strict ethos of ensuring that each property is akin to the local culture, yet in tune with the wider world.

Expertise: Whether you choose to stay in one of their luxury resorts, 5-star hotels or this hotel group knows how to create an experience all of your senses will never forgot. By bringing in teams of experts such as celebrity chefs, star gazers, marine biologists and even their own international wellness professionals they offer sublime experiences which are always authentic, personal and sustainable, in harmony with individual surroundings and host cultures.

Mission: Through their unique experiences and high level of service they aim to reinvigorate guests’ senses enabling them to reconnect with the world, nature, others and themselves.

Best for: Spa holidays and well-being experiences.



Heritage: Born in 2001 with the first property in Thailand, the group has expanded across the world with locations in cosmopolitan cities, lush islands and heritage destinations spanning over 15 countries.

Mission: ‘Life is a journey’ A stay at one of their properties will allow guests to seek out the exceptional, encounter the new and widen their horizons.

Expertise: Each hotel and resort is thoughtfully designed to not only offer guests the utmost in modern luxury but to also provide an insight into the character of its individual location and its passionate people.

Best For: Romantic breaks and special occasions.


Heritage: This family adventure began in 2011 and has been going from strength to strength with properties in over nine destinations and a great variety of experiences from gastronomy and wine to nature and winter sports.

Expertise: They have transformed mountain living to become a stylish and luxurious art form whilst ensuring that each property stays true to its own personality, reflective of the location and its history. They also know how to make the most of the seasons with services and packages embracing the different qualities each brings.

Mission: We quote (and completely agree!) “ offer an alternative to traditional hotels, ones that would be intimate and authentic, overflowing with warmth and a soul, where one would feel at home.”

Best for: France, The Mountains, Family Experiences.


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