A Century of Italian Vibrancy and Sophistication: Acqua di Parma’s Tribute through Colonia and the Launch of the Leather Objects Collection

In a celebration that marks a century of unrivalled elegance, Acqua di Parma, the embodiment of Italian sophistication, proudly honours its signature fragrance, Colonia, alongside the unveiling of its much-anticipated Leather Objects collection. This launch not only highlights the Maison’s enduring legacy but also showcases its commitment to marrying traditional craftsmanship with the finesse of modern artistry.

Colonia: A Timeless Emblem of Italian Elegance

Since its inception in 1916, Colonia has stood as the cornerstone of Acqua di Parma’s olfactory creations. Conceived by the visionary Baron Carlo Magnani, this fragrance encapsulates a dynamic, modern, and original lifestyle that is uniquely Italian. Intended for the baron’s personal use and that of his close circle, the essence of Colonia has remained unchanged, a testament to its timeless appeal.

The fragrance’s radiant blend of golden fruits – including luminous lemon, Calabrian bergamot, and orange – releases sparkling notes that capture the essence of the Italian sun. The heart of the perfume features aromatic lavender, rose, and rosemary, culminating in a warm base of vetiver, sandalwood, and patchouli. Presented in the iconic Art Deco Acqua di Parma bottle, adorned with classic white labels and encased in vibrant yellow packaging, Colonia serves as an olfactory tribute to the enduring spirit of the Maison.

The Leather Objects Collection: A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Arte di Vivere

In keeping with its tradition of creating unique masterpieces, Acqua di Parma’s Leather Objects collection is a homage to the virtuoso Italian craftsmanship and the Arte di Vivere – the art of living well. This collection transforms everyday moments into extraordinary experiences with items designed to bring elegance and sophistication into daily life.

Among the standout pieces is the Leather Socle, designed to hold the Acqua di Parma Jumbo Candle, turning it into a striking décor centrepiece. Crafted from soft natural calfskin, with hand-cut and hand-stitched details in the iconic Acqua di Parma yellow, this piece embodies the meticulous attention to detail that defines the collection. It also features an integrated drawer for convenient storage of candle accessories.

Further elevating the sensory experience, the Leather Base, tailored for the Acqua di Parma Cube Candle, boasts a luxurious tactile texture, accented with hand-applied, iconic yellow stitching. The Leather Travel Case completes the collection, offering a sophisticated holder for the Maison’s 100ml Art Deco fragrance bottles, ideal for both home and travel use. Made from natural calfskin with a signature yellow interior, each stitch is finished by hand, adding depth and texture to the design, and is adorned with a hot-stamped Acqua di Parma emblem.

Ensuring sustainability, the leather used across the collection is sourced from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, reflecting the Maison’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while promoting excellence in the leather industry.

A Legacy of Luminous Italian Culture

For over a hundred years, Acqua di Parma has symbolised a unique vibrancy, starting as a personal luxury for its founder and evolving into a beacon of luminous, unique character that mirrors the beauty of Italian culture. Today, the Maison continues to craft fragrances and objects that epitomise elegance and sophistication, celebrating the beauty found in everyday life.

This collection is available exclusively to Harrods in-store at the following prices.

  • Colonia Leather Travel Case Priced at £430
  • Jumbo Cube Candle Socle Priced at £2,040
  • 1kg Cube Candle Base Priced at £348

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