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Acqua di Parma’s New Zafferano Fragrance – An Exclusive Edition for Harrod’s

Sprinkles of gold speckles and spices have gone into, Zafferano, the new surprising fragrance from Acqua di Parma. Part of the Signatures of the Sun Collection, it resonates with new emotions and tells a unique story that’s very much in keeping with the Italian Maison…

Iranian saffron

Acqua di Parma has chosen a particularly highly-prized variety of gold dust, also known as red gold, a pure natural saffron from Iran. It’s among the rarest and most prestigious of spices, as the saffron flower blooms but once a year, during the autumn. Saffron must be rigorously harvested by hand, early in the morning when the small corollas (which have just burst into buds) are still closed, protecting the delicate red stigmas from which the spice is obtained. 

Then, at dawn, when the light is pure and vibrant, that saffron absorbs all the sun’s energy. It’s at the point that the timing is perfect to bring out the fragrance. This must be done swiftly, with the pistils separated by hand from the rest of the flower and left to dry, before the fragrance is extracted. Through the lengthy and delicate process, the precious gold spice becomes an opulent and powerful essence. 

The result is both dense and enveloping. Along with its heart of saffron, it contains notes of bergamot, mandarin, orange, vanilla, Tonka seeds and coriander seeds, complimenting the spice and giving a sense of light and shade

Acqua di Parma and Harrod’s

The brand has always represented the art and crafts of fragrance, with a passion for creating a scented experience. Colonia, the Maison’s most iconic perfume is timeless, lively and modern, radiating Italian style. Each fragrance in the Signatures of the Sun Collection turns a familiar ingredient into something unexpected and vibrant, an unparalleled olfactory experience.

Although made by Acqua di Parma, Zafferano is exclusive to Harrod’s. 

The Maison stated: “We’re very happy to dedicate a rich fragrance like Zafferano to Harrod’s, a  genuine London institution. Signatures of the Sun is a collection that provides a  continuous discovery; with Zafferano.”

The box and bottle reflect this partnership: the latter has been created in an Art Deco style, a  100 ml format made of glass, in shades of black. Highlights come in the form of hand-painted tones of gold, incorporating the logos of both Acqua di Parma and Harrod’s. The gold bottle cap echoes the precious nature of its rare golden spice ingredient, as does a black soft-touch effect label that has the logo printed in embossed gold. 

Finally, in keeping with the sustainability principles of the entire collection, the bottle is fitted with a removable dispenser, that’s easier to recycle. The outer packaging is made of fine paper approved by the FSC, an international certificate for responsible forest management throughout the world.

Zafferano is available now exclusively at Harrods and priced at £201 (100ml)