Aluna Tropica – The Premium Spiced Rum Launching In the UK Just in Time for Summer

As summer approaches, Aluna Rum is expanding its exquisite range with the launch of a fresh new product in the UK. Aluna Tropica, the latest addition to the Aluna family, is set to captivate rum enthusiasts with its exceptional blend of premium rums and exotic South Asian flavours.

Aluna Tropica combines premium rums sourced from Sri Lanka and the Caribbean, resulting in a golden elixir bursting with the vibrant tastes of pineapple, lemongrass, and almonds, all rounded off with a smooth finish of honeyed spice. Staying true to the brand’s philosophy, Aluna’s founders have crafted a spirit that embodies a free-spirited lifestyle while offering a lighter, natural take on the rum category that is accessible to all.

The Aluna rum range has already earned multiple accolades, premium listings, and widespread recognition, with a host of gold medals to its name. The brand’s journey began with Aluna Coconut Rum, which successfully challenged the preconceptions of coconut rums being overly sweet and synthetic. This success was followed by the introduction of two lower-sugar rum-based liqueurs, Aluna Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Aluna Peach & Pomelo Liqueur, both of which were well-received by consumers in the UK and beyond.

Aluna Tropica stands out as a thoughtfully crafted rum with natural flavours and reduced sugar, catering to health-conscious and mindful consumers, as well as those with an adventurous spirit and a zest for life. Featuring all-natural South Asian ingredients such as pandan leaf, spiced pineapple, lemongrass, and galangal, Aluna Tropica offers a flavour profile that will transport rum lovers to far-off tropical destinations.

Co-founder Guy Ritchie said: “We can’t wait for UK consumers to get the chance to taste Aluna Tropica.  We’ve had some incredible feedback on this spirit already. It’s a less sugary, really differentiated flavoured rum that’s as enjoyable neat as it is in a cocktail – something we think will go down really well this summer.”

Heather Graham comments: “We have focused on taking a step away from the usual dark rums and sugary profiles. The freedom to select from a greater diversity of premium world rums whilst experimenting with new culinary ingredients from South Asia has allowed us to create a really appealing product for those who like to explore better drinks”

Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, Aluna Tropica promises to be the perfect addition to your summer celebrations. Aluna Tropica will be available from Thursday, 20 June, and to secure a bottle of this premium spiced rum, visit Aluna Coconut.

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