Anahita Beau Champ – Mauritius’ Ultra Luxury Sustainable Property Development

Mauritius is not just an idyllic luxury holiday getaway offering pristine beaches, verdant landscapes, and turquoise waters, it is also a thriving community that blends ultra modern convenience with natural beauty. Known for its dynamic economy supported by high-quality infrastructure and a mix of English and French cultural elements, the island offers a seamless blend of work and leisure in a paradisiacal setting. The Luxury Editor was recently invited to visit to learn about Anahita Mauritius’ latest property develeopment. Read on to find out more.

Introducing Anahita Beau Champ

Located between verdant mountains and a crystal-clear lagoon, Anahita Mauritius offers a breathtaking location on the pristine East coast of Mauritius. Since its inception in 2008, the Anahita Golf Resort (read our review here) has covered 213 hectares and is recognised as a premier residential and leisure estate in the Indian Ocean, featuring a signature golf course designed by Ernie Els, and two five-star hotels.

In 2023, the resort started its expansion with the introduction of Anahita Beau Champ, a 118-hectare development that embraces a holistic luxury rural lifestyle This new project (outline 1 in the image below) will not only introduce additional residential options but will also provide a suite of high-quality services and amenities to enhance the lifestyle of both future residents and the local community on the East coast.

A Community Rooted in History and Culture

The historical essence of the land is being preserved through rehabilitated heritage sites, transforming old molasses tanks and sugar factories into vibrant community hubs like Zeste, a café and deli that offers locally sourced foods and a social space for residents.

Sustainable Development at Its Core

The development is dedicated to sustainable initiatives, guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, encapsulated in its three strategic pillars: “SmartEst, HealthiEst, GreenEst”. The project is prioritising renewable energy and has earned the WELL Community pre-certification to underscore its commitment to a healthy living environment.

The SmartEst pillar includes initiatives like smart agriculture, adaptive reuse, economic opportunities in innovation and tourism, electric mobility, mixed-use neighbourhoods, water and energy efficiency, and environmental conservation through practices like waste recycling and rainwater harvesting, all aimed at creating a productive and sustainable community at the heart of the community.

Embracing Heritage and Nature

At Anahita Beau Champ, meticulous landscape design is employed to conserve the area’s natural heritage and foster a genuine atmosphere conducive to tranquillity and well-being.

Central to the development is the 5-hectare agricultural area along a creek, dedicated to sustainable farming practices. This approach yields a continuous supply of local fruits, vegetables, aromatic plants, and flowers, supported by meticulous soil management and planning.

The project’s philosophy emphasises a return to nature through daily activities that enhance well-being.

Preserving the Natural Environment

  • Palm Alley: This picturesque avenue, flanked by majestic palms along the canal, is the primary pedestrian thoroughfare. It is bordered by residential villas and spaces for leisure, providing a delightful outdoor experience.
  • Spring Park: Originating from a valley stream, this tranquil park is marked by a natural amphitheatre, historic freshwater prawn ponds, and areas cultivating vanilla, cocoa, and coffee. It offers a perfect spot for leisurely walks or relaxation amidst nature.

Reviving Historical Heritage

  • Historic Sites at Anahita Beau Champ: The estate’s rich history is celebrated through the preservation of its historical sites, enriching the locale with unique charm.
  • The Old Molasses Tanks – Zeste Café, Restaurant, and Deli: Enjoy a warm beverage and healthy dishes made from locally sourced produce, or pick up fresh produce directly from the estate’s orchards. Zeste provides a cosy setting for socialising, located in the renovated molasses tanks.
  • Zeste Pool: Situated among coconut trees, this pool is a refreshing retreat close to the restaurant, perfect for a swim surrounded by lush nature.
  • The Old Sugar Factory – The Factory: This revitalised historic building now serves as a dynamic center where visitors can shop, exercise, enjoy art, attend events, or relax with loved ones.

Coastal Leisure at Anahita Beau Champ

  • Amarela, Beach & Boat Club: Dine by the ocean, engage in watersports, relax on a sunbed to the soothing ocean sounds, or take a shuttle to Île aux Cerfs. Amarela offers a serene escape with full access to boating facilities, including a boat park and moorings, ensuring a delightful maritime experience.

First Residential Phase

The first phase of the development is called L’Écho des Champs and will consist of 7 villas, 12 apartments, 3 penthouses and 31 plots of serviced land.

Demera Villas

Meticulously designed, the villas integrate effortlessly with the estate’s lush environment, utilising natural materials like volcanic stone, wood, shingles, and thatch. This fusion of modern and traditional architectural styles adds to the appeal of these residences. The villas are offered in three distinct models, each tailored to the specific orientation and terrain of the site, positioned along the picturesque palm-lined path.

  • Demera Villa, Model 2 is bathed in sunlight throughout the day, with living areas oriented to the north and south. These villas provide stunning vistas of a small woodland and the palm avenue.
  • Demera Villa, Model 3 shares the architectural elements of Model 2 but occupies a slightly more compact area. The pool is situated perpendicular to the expansive terrace, offering a unique view of the lush tropical garden.
  • Demera Villa, Model 4 is crafted to maximise the enjoyment of the outdoors, with living spaces that open directly onto the garden, providing spectacular views.

Apartments are thoughtfully situated in various locations across the estate, spread out among several residential complexes and with their pitched roofs, seamlessly integrate into the landscaped surroundings. Details like terrace structures, railings, and metal staircases pay homage to the industrial design of a nearby historical factory, while the lush tropical gardens further enhance the architectural blend. L’Echo des Champs offers twelve apartments with two to three bedrooms, in addition to three spacious three-bedroom penthouses.

Serviced Land

Secure a plot at Anahita Beau Champ and create your ideal villa within your financial plan on a magnificent parcel of land, sizes ranging from 965 to 1,519 square meters. Select your preferred team of consultants and contractors to realise your vision, all while complying with the estate’s architectural and landscaping standards.

Why Invest in Anahita Beau Champ?

Anahita Beau Champ is not just a residence but a promise of growth and prosperity, offering a unique lifestyle that integrates luxury, sustainability, and wellness. As Mauritius continues to attract global interest for its economic stability and quality of life, investments in such sustainable developments promise substantial returns both financially and in terms of quality of life.

In addition enjoy a safe and healthy environment, with proximity to two exceptional golf courses and the island’s largest lagoon. Benefit from comprehensive amenities including local shops, office spaces, a sports centre, multiple restaurants, a beach and boat club, and a school. Additionally, as an investor, you can obtain your residence permit, have the option to resell your property on the international market, and receive discounts on various services and activities throughout the estate.

Prices start at Rs 22.8 M for the 2-bedroom apartment and Rs 49.7 M (villa model 3 – 271 m2) to RS 56.2 M (villa model 2 – 329m2)

Address: Anahita Mauritius, Beau Champ, Mauritius

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