Best Alcoholic Drink Gifts This Fathers Day

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to show your appreciation and celebrate the special man in your life. One thoughtful and timeless gift choice is a high-quality spirit, reflecting sophistication and taste. Whether your dad is a whisky connoisseur, a gin enthusiast, or enjoys a smooth rum, selecting the best spirits can elevate his celebration and create lasting memories. From aged single malts and small-batch bourbons to artisanal gins and premium rums, there is a spirit to match every preference and style, making it a truly exceptional gift that honours your father’s unique palate. Here are our favourite drinks to buy right now.

Elijah Craig

Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon, named after the Father of Bourbon, Reverend Elijah Craig, is crafted by Heaven Hill Distillery using traditional methods from 1789. This distinguished Bourbon, aged 8 to 12 years in Level 3 charred oak barrels, boasts a robust body with a warm spice and subtle smoke. Made from malted barley, rye, and local corn, it has a complex aroma of vanilla, sweet fruit, and fresh mint, with a smooth, woody taste accented by smoke and nutmeg, and a long, sweet finish. Perfect for Father’s Day, its rich history and exceptional quality make it a thoughtful and memorable gift.

Jack Daniels Bonded Series

Jack Daniel’s Bonded Series includes three offerings: the newly introduced Jack Daniel’s Bonded Rye, along with the established Jack Daniel’s Bonded and Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash. Inspired by the Bottled-in-Bond Act, the series upholds the brand’s heritage, innovation, and quality. Jack Daniel’s Bonded Rye delivers a bold and complex finish with a peppery kick, dried fruit, and toffee notes. Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash blends American Malt, Rye, and Tennessee Whiskeys, featuring honey, malt, and soft oak for a smooth finish. Finally, Jack Daniel’s Bonded uses the classic No. 7 recipe, offering caramel, oak, and spice notes for a robust Tennessee whiskey experience.

Pancho Datos Tequila

Tequila Pancho Datos, with its rich heritage rooted in over 70 years of Mexican folklore, makes for an exceptional Father’s Day gift. Established by Luis Carlos Grijalva to honour his grandfather Ricardo Grijalva de Leon, who immortalised his experiences of the Mexican Revolution in iconic poetry, this premium tequila is crafted from 100% Blue Weber agave grown in Jalisco’s lowland valleys. This unique terroir imparts a complex flavour profile to the tequila. Tequila Pancho Datos offers two exquisite varieties: Plata, which is unaged and smooth with herbal, slightly sweet, and peppery notes; and Reposado, aged for 10 months in ex-bourbon White Oak casks, blending agave with vanilla, caramel, and wood flavours. As a family-run business, Pancho Datos is dedicated to reviving the stories of the past and inspiring others to share their own.

Indri Trini

For a standout Father’s Day gift, consider Indri Trini Three Wood Batch 23 Indian Single Malt Whisky. Released in 2024, this whisky is matured in bourbon, sherry, and French wine casks, bottled at 46% ABV without colouring or chill filtration. An earlier version won Best Indian Single Malt at the 2022 World Whisky Awards. Produced by the Indri Distillery in the Himalayan foothills, part of the Piccadily group, and crafted by Master Distiller Surrinder Kumar, it uses traditional local barley and renewable energy, ensuring a rich and unique flavour.


Named as 2024 Men’s Health and Good Housekeeping’s best non-alcoholic spirit, the liquid’s versatility is what makes it shine in cocktails. The spirit is 0% ABV and brewed with Scottish water; fired by the spice of ginger and Assam tea it contains key superfoods including prickly pear and hawthorn berry, both with recognised health benefits. Talonmore is a Scottish based, family run business established in Edinburgh in 2020. Using a mix of rooted and plant-based ingredients, it’s inspired by Edinburgh’s festival spirit and history of innovation. Talonmore was created to provide an exceptional alcohol-free drink that can be enjoyed without compromising health, clarity and taste.  Choosing brewing methods of manufacture, rather than distilling, Talonmore has developed a unique beverage that ensures flavour is at the forefront, replicating the experience of drinking a dark spirit. The latest batch of Talonmore includes a new look and feel, with an upgraded label and eye-catching flagship red foil.

The Single Cask Bruichladdich 12 Year Old

The Single Cask is dedicated to bottling only the most outstanding and distinctive single casks of whisky, valuing the unique character and individuality of each cask. Their whiskies are celebrated for sparking conversations with their irresistible allure. The Bruichladdich 12 Year Old, for example, features an exuberant nose of sweet beach bonfire smoke, barbecued pineapple, salted lemon, and charred apple, with a buoyant maritime influence of smoked crab and oily fish. Its palate is a lively blend of salt and sweetness, with juicy pineapple wrapped in salted caramel and a racy mix of gooseberry tart and citrus juice over smoked fish.

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