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Best Luxury Hotels In Covent Garden

Covent Garden is the heart of theatre-land, as well as being the beating heart of the capitals main shopping district. A stones throw from Soho, Oxford Street, Holborn and Bloomsbury means it is one of the most convenient places to be based on a trip to London. Here is a selection of our favourite properties to stay at in Covent Garden.

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St Martins Lane Hotel

St Martins Lane Hotel is located at the heart of London. The original design was made in 1999 by Starck, an award-winning architect. The building was reconstructed in 2014. It still has its original allure, just with modern technology and facilities. The place has a simple decor with calm colours. Around the recessed bedheads, there is a lighting system which allows you to pick a green, blue, pink or yellow light. With this system, you can match the lighting with your mood, and it only takes a simple flick of a switch.

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The Hospital Club

The Hospital Club is surrounded by theatres, clubs, shopping points, and pubs. The hotel consists of bars, lounges, a TV studio, meeting rooms, and 15 luxurious guestrooms. The walls in this building are decorated with contemporary art. It generally has an informal outlook, and that makes it perfect for casual meetups. As a guest in the hotel, you will enjoy the privileges of being a member, and these include participating in movie screenings and live music. The cheapest rooms in the hotel are the double rooms, and those who stay here will still get all the member privileges except breakfast. The hotel is suitable for families, although the setting is generally adult in nature. Also, one room is accessible to people with wheelchairs.

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ME London

ME London is located five minutes away from The Covent Gardens. This hotel has a dark and moody vibe- you might even think it is a nightclub. They also have some background music playing, and this can further confuse you. The ground floor is pretty low key. Most of the hotel’s highlights are seen from the first floor. On this floor, you will notice the pyramid core around which the hotel is built. There are 157 rooms and 16 suites, all of which are built on the three sides of the pyramid. The rooms have a minimalistic design. They all have frosted glass windows that let in sufficient light while offering a breath-taking view of the city.

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Covent Garden Hotel

The Covent Hotel is housed in a building that served as the Frech Hospital back in the 1890s. It features a fusion of traditional British designs with contemporary architecture. The hotel has 58 rooms and suites. The Covent Garden Loft suite is probably their most luxurious suite. This suite covers two floors and has a vast drawing room. This hotel is situated at the heart of the theatre district, and that makes it ideal for pre and post theatre dining. In the basement, there is a 48-seat cinema with red leather seats. You can score a discount on the tickets and food on Saturdays.

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The Henrietta Hotel

This hotel is located on Henrietta Street, and this street is known for its fine architecture. The hotel is owned by a Paris-based business group, but it does not feature French designs. In fact, the rooms have a traditional English and highly unusual design and feel. The general mood in the place is calm, professional and friendly. In total, the hotel has 18 rooms, and one of them is specially designed for visitors with disabilities. There is also an exquisite cocktail bar and a remarkable restaurant.

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One Aldwych

One Aldwych is a five-star hotel located about 5 minutes from The Covent Garden. This location makes it ideal for people who are visiting the city for the first time. It also makes it great for pre-theatre drinks. The building has an Edwardian style as it was constructed in the 1900s. It is still noted for being one of the earliest buildings to be constructed using steel in London. The hotel has 105 rooms and suites, and each of these has a Nespresso machine, Hypnos mattress, and free Wi-Fi.

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The Waldorf Hilton

The Waldorf Hotel was constructed in 1908, and it is still highly popular among London’s guests. It is currently a Grade II listed building. The hotel mostly features 1920s themes and styles. On the walls, you will see many black-and-white photos of celebrities and notable people through history. The hotel has 298 rooms, and these have a blue colour scheme. There are also white and gold coloured attachments. 11 rooms in this hotel are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Library Hotel

This hotel is developed to attract the creative types in the city. It has books everywhere. The hotel is set across the road from the English National Opera. Many important museums, theatres, and art galleries are located within walking distance of the Library Hotel. This member’s club only has 6 rooms, and 2 of these still let in a lot of noise late into the night. On the bright side, the rooms are spacious and well decorated. While staying in this hotel, you will be able to access public transport easily.

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