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Lecce, often referred to as the “Florence of the South,” is a city rich in art, history, and culture, located in Italy’s southern region of Puglia. Known for its exquisite Baroque architecture, Lecce is distinguished by its intricate stonework, with churches, palaces, and facades carved from the soft, local limestone known as “Lecce stone.” This gives the city its unique warm, golden hue that glows particularly beautifully at sunset. The city’s historical centre, a maze of narrow streets, opens up to spectacular piazzas such as Piazza del Duomo, home to the stunning Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. In addition to its architectural wonders, Lecce is celebrated for its vibrant street life, artisan shops, and traditional Puglian cuisine, making it a charming destination to visit for those exploring Italy.

Patria Palace Hotel – Ho Collection

Patria Palace is a historic 18th-century palace that has been transformed into a luxurious hotel, combining modern design with its storied past. The hotel, located in nestled in the heart of Baroque Lecce, was originally designed by 18th-century architect Mauro Manieri, and underwent a meticulous four-year renovation, preserving its classic and Baroque features while incorporating contemporary Art Deco details. It operates from March to December, benefiting from Lecce’s mild Mediterranean climate. With its prime location overlooking the Basilica of Santa Croce, the hotel offers 58 artfully designed rooms and suites, a stunning rooftop bar, a gourmet restaurant, and an outdoor lounge. Despite its central location, it provides a serene escape, embodying the ‘slow’ lifestyle of Salento. The Patria Palace has a long history of hospitality, evolving from a noble residence to a welcoming inn and now a five-star hotel, that emphasises quiet luxury and attentive service. Guests can also enjoy activities like guided city tours, food tours, and a shuttle service to a partnered beach club during the summer months.

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