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Travelling can already be stressful before you have even left the house – organising everything, working out how to get to the airport, deciding what to pack! Let the experts help you out! We have uncovered the best luxury luggage brands on the planet – brands which have decades of experience in their fields, strive for the utmost quality in everything they do, and have impressively illustrious heritages. Not only do these luggage lines fuse style and function, they are always seeking innovative ways to revolutionise their industry, drawing on engineering and technology advancements in other fields to bring you the most progressive and beautifully crafted products. Be the envy of everyone at the airport when you are seen with one of these pieces of luggage…


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Ghurka have been creating quality leather bags and luggage since 1975, when founder Marley Hodgson, whilst working as an estate agent in the UK, found a rare collection of camping gear that once belonged to a British Ghurka commander. The pieces were over 100 years old and yet the leather remained supple and sturdy. Inspired by his find, Marley returned to the USA to start creating products using the utmost attention to detail and skills, from the world’s finest leathers.  Ghurka bags and accessories are handmade by artisans who have spent most of their lifetimes learning how to craft products of the highest quality. Only the best leathers pass the rigorous selection process required to bear the exclusive Ghurka symbol. Today the Ghurka brand has flagship stores at Fifth Avenue and Prince Street in New York and is exclusively sold in the UK by Fortnum’s.


Globe-Trotter is synonymous with great British luxury design. Established in 1897 in Germany, the brand moved to the UK in 1932 where it remains today. Today all Globe-Trotter products are designed and handcrafted in Hertfordshire by a team of highly skilled artisans with a focus on original manufacturing techniques which date back to the Victorian era. With such a long and illustrious heritage it’s now wonder Globe-Trotter products are uncompromising in their quality and craftsmanship. Globe-Trotter products all have a unique character and draw on a rich historical archive in design. The brand boasts some impressive previous clients including explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Edmund Hilary, and Winston Churchill who famously carried a Globe-Trotter Dispatch briefcase. Most recently, Globe-Trotter was James Bond’s luggage of choice in ‘Spectre’ so you will be in good company with these products=

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Named after the Peruvian ceremonial knife used for sacrifices, TUMI was founded in 1975. During the 80s TUMI created the innovative functional black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags which the brand became most well known for. TUMI approach every aspect of design and creation of product with an incredible eye for detail. Each component is carefully considered and created from the highest quality materials.  Each TUMI product goes through rigorous testing – a combination of 30 unique tests pushes each product to its limits. The brand looks to multitude of technological industries for inspiration from aeronautics to sportswear and have over 125 patents to their name. TUMI have also collaborated with an impressive list of creatives including artist and designer Anish Kapoor and motorcycle manufacturer Ducati.

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Louis Vuitton

The iconic French fashion brand has become synonymous with luxury travel. Louis Vuitton’s heritage as a trunk maker preceded the modern day brand and this expertise in creating high quality luggage is a linchpin in the brand’s contemporary strategy. In 1837 and at 16 years old, Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris to be the apprentice to Monsieur Maréchal and he quickly became an expert craftsman at the atelier designing specialized boxes and later trunks according to wealthy customer’s wishes. Horse-drawn carriages, boats and trains required specialized, high quality and durable luggage. After 17 years at the atelier, Vuitton opened his own workshop near Place Vendome. After rapid expansion, the renowned atelier in Asnières was opened and remains the base for the 170 Louis Vuitton leather craftsmen today. Louis Vuitton has also been instrumental in revolutionising the luggage industry too – in 1886 Georges Vuitton created the ingenious closing system that ensured locks on travel trunks were unable to picked open. Travel continues to be an important feature at the heart of the house and the trunk remains the symbol of the house. Louis Vuitton is often the luggage of choice for many contemporary celebrities who recognise the design house’s iconic heritage and quality


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Created in the cultural renaissance of Munich in the 1960s and 70s, MCM luggage and bags are most instantly recognisable for their Cognac Visetos monogram pattern – a feature that runs throughout most of their lines. A popular choice amongst the Asian markets, MCM has become a modern classic. The loco itself pays tribute to King Ludwig I’s love of everything neo-classical in addition to representing the Greek symbol for victory, whilst the diamonds symbolize strength, durability and of course beauty – features the MCM products aim to live up to. Every MCM piece is personalized with a unique number engraved on a brass plate, both as a reminder of the craftsmanship put into creating the piece, but also a handy way of spotting a fake! Whilst MCM’s methods of production are steeped in the history and tradition of great German manufacturing and engineering, the brand is constantly re-inventing their styles and keeping their finger on the every-changing fashion pulse.  One common feature of all their luggage products, only the finest fabrics, leather and finishings are used to ensure MCM products will last a lifetime.

Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

Since 1946, Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano has been creating beautiful Italian leather goods. The brand has a dynamism, open-mindedness and global outlook that combine with traditional Italian talent and design. They aim to make pieces for the truly modern traveller, focusing on lightness, security, aesthetics and functionality, whilst never losing that classic Italian chic.  They are proud of their significant design details including super-quiet Japanese wheels on their trunks, the fine leather handles and flexible internal belts to make packing that bit easier! The brand works closely with world-renowned designers and actively seeks out new technological advances to create the most cutting edge contemporary luggage. It’s most iconic piece to date is probably the Bank Spinner case created in collaboration with designer Marc Sadler.

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Founded in 1937 by Giovanni Fontana, Valextra became a company that combines craft with innovation and iconic Milanese style. The brand’s headquarters remain in Milano, at the heart of the city which acts as a constant inspiration. Specialising in leather products with distinctive, contemporary shapes, Valextra will appeal to a sophisticated but modern clientele. Valextra designs are influenced by architecture, many of them minimal and streamlined. Many of their products have won awards for their innovation and the brand have been at the forefront of creating icons of design; they create the first ever “Grip” coin purse for men, the first ever ‘hobo’ bag for women in their “Carita”, and their “24 Hour” attaché case won the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro” prixe in 1954. In 2000, the brand had somewhat of a refresh under new leadership and has returned to the highest echelons of luxury bags and luggage whilst remaining faithful to the brands original spirit and style.

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Rimowa create Elegant and durable suitcases for sophisticated globetrotters. The pioneering period of initial aircraft travel is what inspires the design behind the iconic RIMOWA luggage. Although the brand was established by Koffermanufaktur Paul Morszeck in 1898 in Colgone, it wasn’t until the 1920s when the company’s iconic designs were innovatively fashioned out of light-weight aluminium. The grooves appeared in 1950 to create the distinctive style of RIMOWA so recognisable today. Innovation in design and durability continues to be at the forefront of RIMOWA product creation today. An incredible two hundred single components and more than ninety work-steps combine to make the finished products and many of the processes are still done by hand.

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Aspinal of London

Founded in 2000 Aspinal of London is an English designer of luxury leather goods for men and women. Aspinal products have been seen on many famous faces including Taylor Swift, Olivia Palermo, David Gandy, Pippa Middleton, Kim Sears and The Duchess of Cambridge The fundamental of Aspinal of London is to offer customers the most elegant and superior quality design, aimed to last forever. Each piece is lovingly created by a team of talented designers in their West Sussex headquarters. Each product is handmade by genuine leather craftsmen and women to bring great value products at a decent price. Aspinal of London wish for you to experience the quintessentially British, refined lifestyle through using their products.

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Established in 1853 in Paris, and formerly known as Martin, Goyard is an experienced French trunk and leather goods brand. The brand is notoriously secretive and refuses to embrace e-commerce or even grant interviews. The brand’s legacy dates back as far back as the the late 1700s when the House of Martin was a favourite with the french aristocracy.  Goyard create all their beautiful products in state of the art workshops using highly trained artisans. The business has been designing for centuries and they are committed to highest standards in terms of skills and style. Goyard create timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. They shun trends and fads and focuses on high quality craftsmanship. The brand draws from its incredible heritage to create products that appeal to those looking for the highest exclusivity, unparalleled craftsmanship, and refined design.

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