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Bladnoch Distillery Unveils Their Exclusive Peated Collection of Lowland Whiskies

Bladnoch Distillery, affectionately known as the “Queen of the Lowlands,” is making waves in the world of whisky with the launch of their brand-new Peated Collection. This collection marks a significant step in the 206-year-old distillery’s journey, highlighting their commitment to innovation and the art of whisky making. Join us as we delve into the smoky depths of Bladnoch’s new offerings.

Alinta: A Fiery Trailblazer

Alinta, a name drawn from indigenous Australian languages, meaning “fire” and “flames,” is the torchbearer of Bladnoch’s venture into peated whisky. Introduced as the first peated expression since David Prior took over the distillery in 2015, Alinta is a whisky like no other. Crafted from a blend of PX Sherry and ex-bourbon casks, it evokes the intriguing notes of campfire embers, setting it apart from the typical Lowlands style.

Expanding the Peated Collection

Alinta is no longer alone in Bladnoch’s peated journey. It now shares the stage with four new companions, each bearing its unique character. These additions include Alinta Reserve and three Single Casks, each hand-selected by Bladnoch’s Master Distiller, Dr. Nick Savage ensuring only the highest quality and most unique casks make it into this exclusive collection.

Speaking about this collection, Dr. Savage commented, “The Bladnoch Peated Collection has been inspired by our 2009 stocks, which are uniquely 100% peated. Lowland single malt is not traditionally peated, however, the launch of Alinta had such an amazing reception from everyone. I wanted to extend this limited but unique peated section in our portfolio for those who enjoy the smoky styles of Bladnoch. Our peated collection is an annual celebration of the extremely unique and rare 2009 stocks at  Bladnoch.” 

Alinta Reserve: A Limited Delight

The Alinta Reserve, a limited batch release comprising only 2,000 bottles, is a true gem annually curated by Dr. Nick Savage. The inaugural 2023 batch features 100% first-fill Amontillado Sherry Hogshead casks, promising a well-balanced experience with hints of smoky campfire and white chocolate.

Single Cask Gems

Bladnoch’s Peated Collection Single Casks shine a spotlight on their 2009 maturing stocks, exclusively 100% peated and exceptionally rare. Dr. Nick Savage will handpick three single casks from these precious stocks annually. The first Peated Collection features Rum, Bourbon, and Sherry Hogshead casks.

The Sherry Hogshead expression boasts a robust 58.3% ABV and a limited release of only 262 bottles. With polished oak, nutmeg, and date notes on the nose, it delivers a palate of bonfire smoke, plum jam, and a finish reminiscent of a Bonfire Christmas cake, an indulgent experience embodying the spirit of Bladnoch.

Next in line is the 2009 Rum Cask edition of the Peated Collection, with 248 bottles available. It entices with sugar cane notes, enriched with floral and herbal undertones, leading to a palate offering marshmallows by the campfire combined with apple pie. The finish leaves a subtly dry mouthfeel with sweet smokiness.

Finally, the 2009 Bourbon Barrel expression, limited to 231 bottles, celebrates rich, smoky flavours. With notes of smoky vanilla custard on the nose and toasted vanilla pods on the palate, it culminates in a harmonious blend of sweetness and smoky warmth.

A Pure and Natural Experience

Bladnoch’s Peated Collection whiskies, like all their offerings, are crafted without chill filtration and boast natural colouring. Alinta Reserve will be available in markets including the UK, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, and Korea, while the Bladnoch Peated Single Casks will be exclusively available in the UK through Bladnoch’s website.

About Bladnoch Distillery

Bladnoch Distillery, established in 1817, holds the title of the oldest privately owned Scotch Whisky Distillery globally. Often referred to as the ‘Queen of the Lowlands,’ it crafts its single malts using pristine water from the River Bladnoch and British barley to create rich, flavorful whiskies. Bladnoch’s commitment to environmental preservation and community involvement further underlines its legacy. Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage and owner David Prior have reinvigorated this historic brand, and its range of award-winning single malts is a testament to their dedication.

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