Bvlgari Unveils Magnifica, The New High Jewellery Collection

With a message of joy, creativity, and artistic perfection, Bvlgari unveiled MAGNIFICA, its new 2021 High Jewellery and High-End Watches collection. Working closely with the city of Milan, Bvlgari wanted to pay tribute to the Milanese people, and to the courage they showed during the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to deliver a message of unwavering hope and determination for the future.

With the new Magnifica collection, the Roman Maison created the most extraordinary combination ever of exceptional gems, unrivalled craftsmanship, and bold design, reaching unprecedented pinnacles of excellence and beauty.

Counting more than 60 designs worth millions and 122 new artworks, Magnifica is the most precious high jewelry collection that Bvlgari has ever created. Splendid examples of ultimate lightness and suppleness, these designs are versatile, convertible, and were conceived to be worn in different ways. It is a modern concept for High Jewelry excellence.

The Magnifica collection encompasses an extraordinary selection of High Jewellery masterpieces and watches. It magnificently epitomises the Roman Maison’s DNA and its 137 years of experience and expertise in working with the rarest and most precious gems that are discovered around the world by the Roman jeweller.

Amongst these extraordinary gemstones, there is the fourth largest spinel in the world and most beautiful quality-wise: a magnificent polished Colombian emerald cabochon is nested between the jaws of a sublime snake, which creates an alluring sense of movement. In addition, five marvellous oval Paraiba tourmalines echo the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, around Italy’s Sardinia Island. These cushion-cut gemstones are the rarest in the world and exude a refreshing sense of purity.

These unparalleled gifts of nature are glorified by Bvlgari artisans’ incredible craftsmanship. Their skilled and inventive hands transform creative ideas into impressive three-dimensional high jewelry artworks, which in some cases require up to 2,500 hours of handwork. Indeed, artisans cut and craft, without the help of any computers, each component of what will become a perfect, everlasting, and unique piece of art.

Magnifica is worth hundreds of millions of euros and accounts for hundreds of thousands of hours of meticulous work. It is the ultimate tribute to beauty, upscale craftsmanship, and Italian maestria expertise.

Thanks to this splendid 2021 collection, Bvlgari reaches new heights in jewel mastery and expresses its bold and timeless creativity. Infused with a sense of timeless splendor, Magnifica is both an ode to the magnificence of audacious women, who have become its muses, and to the majesty of the Eternal City, Rome.

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