Casa dell’Arte Hotel of Arts & Leisure

Torba is my second home so when my now husband asked me to marry him we couldn’t think of a better place to host our guests and celebrate our special day. We’re not religious, very casual and love the outdoors so a (stylish!) beachside, BBQ wedding style wedding was the perfect option.

The choice of hotels in Torba is quite expansive, given its relatively small size. However, we knew instantly which would be our chosen venue; Casa Dell’Arte.


My mum and dad have been friends of the hotel since it was first opened it 2007. The hotel was the first boutique hotel in Torba and is owned by an art-loving family. The hotel boasts one of the most comprehensive art collections in Turkey and was originally built with the intention of being an art gallery / museum. However, the Buyukkusoglue Family felt that the building itself and the art it houses were too beautiful not to share with others. So a hotel it became.

Hotel Location

Located right on the sea front in this charming fishing village, the hotel boasts spectacular views and when the sun beams down on the Aegean Sea it appears to be a blanket of turquoise twinkles. A truly serene setting.

As such we did not need to fuss with chair covers, table decorations and the like that most brides have to contend with. Although these were readily available we felt the natural beauty of the setting was the perfect backdrop for our special day.

View of private jetty from Residence garden

Resort Options

There are two parts to Casa Dell’Arte; The Residence and The Luxury Family Resort.

Our wedding took place in the Residence part of the hotel which comprises of twelve rooms built around a central courtyard; each named after a sign of the zodiac and designed to reflect the characteristics associated with their respective sign. Our suite (the Taurus Suite) was one of the two that boasts a sea view with a contemporary and sizeable balcony. This proved to be the perfect location from which to wave guests goodnight as the celebrations came to an end as the sun rose the next day!

Court Yard at Casa Dell'Arte

The Sea View Suite

Our suite was stylish and spacious; the wardrobe / dressing room area was big enough to live in, the bed custom made and dressed in fine Turkish linen. Although equipped with a 42” flat screen, DVD and Wi-Fi we had no need for these tech features as the sea view was just mesmerising.

Stepping into the bathroom felt like walking into the set of a movie scene. Art deco lighting, atmospheric candles, his and her sinks, walk in shower, a bath big enough and deep enough to be confused with a swimming pool and of course cosy robes and matching slippers.


A stunning feature (one of the many!) of The Residence is the ‘silent pool’ which is the connection from the hotel reception through to the main hall, lounge and indoor dining area. This is usually a place where guests escape the bustle of the beach activity to chill out; however we used it as the reception area to serve cocktails and canapés to welcome our guests before I arrived. I wish I’d been there as the orange based cocktails looked like a piece of art – fab!

Silent Pool at Casa Dell'Arte

The main hall and dining area is adorned with sculptures and striking art work with a glass staircase leading to the upper suites. Words cannot express how fabulous this space is.

Main Hall adorned with fine art

At the rear of the building is a well-maintained garden, with comfortable chairs and bean bags to while away lazy days or indulge in the fine cuisine of the outdoor gourmet restaurant. This is where the wedding ceremony, bbq banquet and party took place. The bbq banquet comprised of traditional Turkish food including; octopus salad, fava beans with dill, chickpeas with tahini,  Circassian chicken,  fried eggplant with yoghurt and spicy tomato sauce, Borek (meat, cheese and spinach baked in the oven), Sucuk (special Turkish sausage, Shish kebab (swordfish, chicken and meat), grilled vegetables, Baklava and fresh fruit platters. A feast fit for a king (and his new queen!)

As the bride and groom hosting almost 90 guests we didn’t have much time to take advantage of the full facilities offered by the hotel which include a cinema hall, gym, spa facilities, art workshops, wine cellar and art library. We did however make full use of the gourmet restaurant, Palm Beach Bar and private jetty. I also made sure I had time to visit the little collection of boutiques to browse the collection of wares from Turkish fashion designers. It would’ve been rude not to!

Champagne at Cassa Dell'Aarte

The People

Burak (the manager) and Ferda (she’s no longer there) and the team that looked after us were absolutely faultless, in fact I’d say they went above and beyond to ensure that we and our guests were made to feel extra special. Little touches such as bringing shawls out for ladies as the evening cooled, remembering guest names and their choice of drink or offering guests a lift into Bodrum with their chauffeur service as the party came to an end. If you love cars their gleaming classic car collection will get your heart racing! It’s the finer details that make all the difference. An experience never to be forgotten.

Dancing in garden at Casa Dell'Arte

To summarise, for those wanting to celebrate their wedding day in style by the sea I whole-heartedly and highly recommend Casa Dell’Arte as the perfect place to do so.

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