Discover Soho Skin by Soho House

The iconic Soho House brand can be enjoyed at home with their collection of skincare products – Soho Skin. Created with the needs of their exclusive members’ lifestyles in mind, the products are hard-working, genderless and grounded in science.

Effective and efficient

The new Soho Skin collection emphasises wellness, skin recovery and high skin energy through its intelligent formulas. Bringing a simpler, easier skincare routine that delivers transformational outcomes, these products will take your daily beauty regime to another level. Each contains a combination of active ingredients to drive cellular energy and replenish essential functions, enabling your skin to reach its full potential. They are all vegan, cruelty and silicone-free and UK made, for a kind and healthy approach to skincare.

Soho Skin Concentrate

The creation process was a collaboration between one of the world’s leading cosmetic scientists based in the UK and a selection of Soho House members whose input into what they needed from their products, proved invaluable. The common key component in each is the new Soho Skin Concentrate. Containing glycogen, it regenerates skin structure and protects the microbiome by restoring the vitality of cells and pistacia lentiscus gum to improve cellular longevity by activating collagen and elastin. It also includes lactococcus ferment lysate, which speeds up the shedding of aged cells to promote and improve barrier function.

10 Products

With these three core ingredients, the Soho Skin Collection can improve hydration, firmness and smoothness, leaving skin brighter, clearer, and smoother. The collection comprises 10 products with hyper-functional formulas that help to create streamlined routines and deliver consistent results. These are the Cream Cleanser, 24/7 Treatment, Renewal Serum, Face Cream, Lip Balm, Eye Cream, Detox Mask, Liquid Exfoliator, Overnight Cream and Shave Gel.

The collection is internationally available in Soho House bedrooms, as well as for online purchase at

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