Etihad Airways Elevates In-Flight Luxury with New Amenities Across All Cabins

Etihad Airways has introduced an exclusive range of amenity kits and loungewear in collaboration with Italian fashion house Giorgio Armani and the acclaimed wellness brand ESPA. This luxurious collection aims to enhance the travel experience, blending refined Italian design with the opulent hospitality Etihad is known for.

A New Standard of Luxury

In a move that sets a new standard in airborne luxury, Etihad Airways’ latest offerings include bespoke amenity kits tailored to each cabin class, alongside sumptuous Giorgio Armani loungewear and slippers. These new additions will be progressively introduced on flights starting from the end of February 2024.

The partnership with Armani/Casa, initiated in 2023, has already seen the integration of jointly branded tableware and soft furnishings in Business class, establishing a benchmark for elegance and style at 35,000 feet.

Premium Cabins: A Blend of Style and Comfort

The new range for premium cabins includes co-branded Giorgio Armani amenity bags that passengers can use long after their flights, adding an element of lasting luxury. These collectable bags come in various colours and styles, allowing frequent flyers to accumulate a unique Giorgio Armani collection over time.

For First class and The Residence passengers, the standout is a large folio bag, one of the largest amenity kits available in the air. Available in four colours, this bag is versatile enough to carry documents, tablets, or even a 13” laptop. Packed within are ESPA skincare essentials designed to pamper and rejuvenate during and after the flight.

Designer Touches in Business and Economy

Business class travellers can choose between a unisex clutch or a cube-shaped bag, each filled with ESPA skincare products and other travel essentials. The designs, inspired by the UAE’s landscapes and modern architecture, marry functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Economy passengers are not left out, with a complimentary tote bag packed with essentials for longer flights. These bags feature iconic Etihad tailfin designs and are crafted from sustainable materials, underscoring Etihad’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Enhancing Guest Wellbeing with ESPA

In line with its focus on passenger wellbeing, Etihad’s partnership with ESPA brings luxurious aromatherapy and wellness products into the skies. This collaboration highlights Etihad’s dedication to providing a sensory and restorative travel experience, reflecting ESPA’s decades of expertise in holistic wellness.

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