Experience the Essence of Italian Elegance: Acqua di Parma’s Pop-Up Boutique in St. Tropez

Throughout June, Acqua di Parma introduces a captivating new experience with the unveiling of its seasonal pop-up boutique in the heart of Place des Lices, Saint Tropez. This vibrant space promises a multisensory journey, blending the iconic Italian Arte di Vivere with the lively essence of the French Riviera.

A Collaboration of Creativity and Elegance

Designed in collaboration with renowned French designer Dorothée Meilichzon, the pop-up radiates in Acqua di Parma’s signature shades of yellow, reflecting the citrusy notes that the Maison is celebrated for. The boutique’s façade draws inspiration from classic European architecture, featuring glass doors with golden brushed metal handles, reminiscent of the Colonia Art Deco fragrance bottle. As visitors step inside, they are greeted by bold golden fruit forms, a tribute to Acqua di Parma’s signature citrus fruits, including a striking giant golden fruit structure that invites exploration.

An Immersive Journey Through Acqua di Parma’s Collections

Inside, the boutique transforms into an olfactory library with a discovery table showcasing the Maison’s fragrances. The bath and body section is a haven for personal care, while the back wall narrates the brand’s visual journey. Local artists provide personalised services at the counter area, ensuring each purchase is unique. One of the standout design elements is a citrus peel-inspired coffee table, capturing the fruit’s texture and form on its surface.

A Celebration of Design and Sophistication

Meilichzon’s design vision aims to fill Place des Lices with Acqua di Parma’s sun-drenched essence. The boutique features a terracotta floor reflecting the pink-orange hues of St. Tropez, lime-plastered walls, a lacquered ceiling, and stainless-steel furniture that contrasts with the golden fruits. Candles, perfumes, and diffusers are displayed on minimalist shelves, creating a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

Exclusive Creations and New Collections

To mark the opening of this ephemeral location, Acqua di Parma introduces exclusive creations such as the Acqua di Parma Pétanque Set and the Car Diffuser Double Colour Limited Edition, each inscribed with ‘À Saint Tropez’. The pop-up also previews the new Resort Collection, featuring Art de la Table tableware, Tote and Tray sets, and the Buongiorno Picnic Basket, extending the Maison’s sophisticated lifestyle offerings.

A Legacy of Italian Sophistication

Acqua di Parma embodies over a century of Italian sophistication, merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary artistry. Founded by baron Carlo Magnani, the brand’s hallmark fragrance, Colonia, represents a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle. Initially created for the baron’s personal use and a select circle of friends, the fragrance invites modern individuals to embrace the Arte di Vivere.

For more details on the ephemeral boutique visit here.

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