Louis Vuitton Debuts Their Tambour Street Diver Watch

Louis Vuitton has given their Tambour watch series a vibrant and sporty new personality with their new Tambour Street Diver Watch series. Combining super compressor diver elements with the brands attention to detail, this new watch series offers a contemporary casual luxury feel to the usual watch diver aesthetics on the market.

The design keeps the Tambour’s signature sloping drum and attached lugs, but reinvents the 44mm form with three different colourways.

All three designs offer a different interpretation of the same core dial design, with a broad graphic inner dive bezel, a soft take on diver indices and a distinctive sword and arrow handset.

The watches are powered y an automatic movement unique to LV with performance lasting around 42 hours.

Each of the three watches is finished with a playful signed rubber strap and raised central segment.

The watches start at approx £5,100 for the Tambour Street Diver Neon Black and the Tambour Street Diver Skyline Blue, while the Tambour Street Diver Black Blaze stands comes in at approx £12,000 and will be available via the Louis Vuitton website.

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