El Llorenc Parc de la Mar Hotel Palma de Mallorca – opens this summer

El Llorenç Parc de la Mar Hotel  is set in the heart of La Calatrava, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Palma, Mallorca.

Scheduled to open this summer, the hotel offers 33 exclusive guest rooms and an infinity pool on the multi-terraced rooftop with a cocktail bar. Whether relaxing in Balinese style sunbeds, or stopping by for drinks, guests will enjoy sweeping views of Palma Bay, the Cathedral and charming rooftops of the old town.

El Llorenç aims to show you the very best Majorca has to offer, making guests feel part of the island.

Wellness facilities feature spa treatments from the luxury Spanish brand Natura Bissé and an indoor pool.

Dining options include DINS Santi Taura, a new destination restaurant from one of the island’s most respected chefs, and TANNUR which will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a modern-day bistro setting.


The hotel interiors are the work of Swedish designer, Magnus Ehrland. Tapping into the local history and Moorish influence on the island, Ehrland has incorporated the use of geometric motifs throughout the design. This rich aesthetic pays homage to the history of the neighborhood – where one can find the remnants of ancient Arab Baths and the architectural gem – La Almudaina – a former Muslim fortress, turned royal palace of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Mallorca.


El Llorenç will be home to a unique gastronomic offer spearheaded by renowned Majorcan Chef Santi Taura. DINS Santi Taura will offer an experience inspired by the island’s traditional cuisine, made with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Bringing together elements from sea and land to your table, the chef will offer seafood from local waters, prized black pork from an island producer and more unique specialties all within a distinct setting.

Chef Santi Taurah

Chef Taura’s cooking is about delivering a gastronomic journey through the lens of history, customs, recipes and products, with respect to each and every season. At the same time, it is about discovering Majorcan cuisine from a current point of view, while considering the past and roots of the cuisine.

Many cultures landed on the island leaving an indelible gastronomic trace. Through various records one can see the preferences of ancestors from the Roman Empire, while Arab cookbooks and Christian texts reveal their cooking methods and secrets. This is a rich tapestry of a gastronomic history unlike anywhere else. It is fitting that Chef Taura continues to create a gastronomic journey based on the rich tradition of the neighborhood which is characterized by its inimitable history and architecture of Christian, Jewish and Islamic influences.


El Llorenc Parc de la Mar Hotel
Plaza de Llorenç Villalonga, 4
07001 · Palma de Mallorca, Spain

E: info@elllorenc.com

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