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Cielo Brings a Flavour of the Mediterranean to the Trisara Phuket

Positioned along the golden shores of the Andaman Ocean, Trisara, one of the best luxury hotels in Phuket, has unveiled an exquisite addition to its culinary offerings – Cielo, a Mediterranean-inspired dining concept that transports guests on a gastronomic journey through the coastal regions of Southern Europe and the Levant. This fresh and sustainable al fresco experience is set to redefine dining in paradise, embracing the timeless allure of the Mediterranean.

Cielo, meaning “sky” in Spanish, lives up to its name by providing an open-air dining experience that immerses diners in the breathtaking natural beauty of Trisara’s private beach. The cuisine, inspired by the famously light and vibrant food traditions of the Mediterranean, boasts bold flavours and innovative preparation methods, from light grilling to live-fire cooking in a statement wood-fired oven.

As you step into Cielo, the first thing that will capture your senses is the soothing soundtrack of lapping Andaman waves and the mesmerizing view of the sparkling waters. This ambience is designed to encourage guests to indulge in leisurely lunches and unforgettable dinners while gazing upon the pristine beauty of the ocean.

Cielo’s menu offers a tantalizing array of dishes that represent the diverse culinary tapestry of Southern Europe and the Levant. Some standout menu items include grilled sardines with Provence olive oil, lemon, and parsley; Pissaladière Provençal tart with caramelized onion, anchovies, black olives, and thyme; Burrata salad with cherry tomatoes, basil oil, and lemon zest; and smoked Australian lamb cutlets with chimichurri and cauliflower tabbouleh.

Seafood lovers are in for a treat as Cielo showcases the best of Thailand’s marine bounty with dishes such as Phuket lobster with herb salad and beurre blanc; Andaman seabream cooked in a seaweed-fennel salt crust; and wood-fire grilled octopus with romesco sauce.

Trisara’s culinary prowess is no stranger to accolades, thanks to the success of PRU, its signature dining venue, currently the only restaurant on Phuket with a coveted MICHELIN star. Montara Hospitality Group’s commitment to sustainable and creative cuisine is evident in its Tri Vananda project, a US$182 million wellness community in northern Phuket, where Jampa earned a MICHELIN Green Star for its zero-waste, plant-based food. (read our review of Hideaway by Jampa)

Cielo at Trisara encapsulates the essence of Mediterranean dining, delivering fresh, sustainable cuisine in a relaxed and scenic setting. With its commitment to creative, sustainable cuisine, Trisara continues to enhance its reputation, making Cielo a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a taste of the Mediterranean in the heart of paradise. Come and savour the flavours of Southern Europe on the shores of the Andaman Ocean at Cielo – where culinary dreams meet breathtaking reality.