EDITION Launches Its Second Act in Tokyo: The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza

Located in the heart of Ginza’s tree-lined avenues, a new symbol of Tokyo’s elegance has been unveiled. Ian Schrager, in collaboration with Kengo Kuma, a famed Japanese architect, introduces The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza. Following the success of The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon, this new venture is poised to become the pulsating heart of Tokyo’s most illustrious district.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Schrager, in partnership with Marriott International, has masterfully crafted a unique experience that merges the deep-rooted traditions of Japanese culture with EDITION’s trailblazing ethos. The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza is a testament to this vision, offering a sanctuary of luxury in an uncharted corner of the city. It boasts an array of avant-garde bars, including Japan’s first punch-focused cocktail bar, Ginza’s inaugural natural wine bar, and 86 expansive rooms and suites, all housed within a 14-story boutique hotel.

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The Intersection of Old and New

Unlike its sister property in Toranomon, which floats above the cityscape, The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza offers a harmonious blend of past and present. Ginza’s transformation from an Edo-era district to a contemporary hub of fashion, art, and gastronomy is a story told through its streets. Here, Michelin-starred restaurants and iconic cocktail bars coexist with historic yakitori joints and timeless kabuki theatres.

Kengo Kuma’s Vision

Kengo Kuma describes Ginza as a tapestry where tradition and modernity intertwine. His design for The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza reflects this philosophy, presenting the hotel as a new landmark that weaves together the district’s multifaceted character.

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Luxurious Accommodation and Unique Experiences

The hotel spans 14 floors, featuring guestrooms that blend EDITION’s timeless design with Kuma’s Japanese elegance. Highlights include the Penthouse Suite and a fitness centre equipped with Technogym facilities. The Lobby Bar, a signature EDITION space, and Punch Room, a novel punch-focused bar, offer unique gastronomic experiences. Sophie at EDITION, the top-floor brasserie, celebrates local ingredients, while The Roof offers a tranquil rooftop retreat.

About EDITION Hotels

EDITION Hotels, birthed from the collaboration between Ian Schrager and Marriott International, redefines luxury hospitality. Each hotel is a unique reflection of its locale, combining Schrager’s visionary approach with Marriott’s operational expertise. The brand caters to a discerning clientele seeking a blend of design, innovation, and consistent, excellent service.

Ian Schrager Company: Innovating Hospitality

Ian Schrager, having established his company post-Morgans Hotel Group era, continues to revolutionize the hospitality landscape. His brand, PUBLIC Hotels, and the partnership with Marriott International for EDITION Hotels mark a new era in boutique and lifestyle hospitality.

The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza, alongside its Toranomon counterpart, encapsulates the dynamism of Tokyo, offering distinct experiences that capture the essence of the city’s vibrant culture.

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