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Gastronomic Journeys – The Beach, La Reserva Club, Sotogrande

This summer, until the end of September, 2022 live the experience of dining in the restaurant The Beach, La Reserva Club by the light of the stars; but not just any stars , this year La Reserva Club, Sotogrande has selected for you the most prestigious Michelin stars.

This summer, until the end of September, the Reserva Club de Sotogrande is pleased to offer unique culinary experiences in an incomparable setting enjoying gASTROnomic journeys in which the award-winning Michelin Stars chefs prepare for our clients menus specially prepared for the occasion.

Chefs such as Cristobal Múñoz from the Ambivium restaurant or Nicolas Isnard from the L’Auberge de la Charme restaurant, will be the stars of these dinners where we can enjoy unique menus, specially designed for our Club, enjoying the finest avant-garde cuisine in a unique setting, in The Beach restaurant.

Below are details of the culinary events. If you cannot make these dates, you can still enjoy spectacular cuisine at The Beach. You can read The Luxury Editor profile of La Reserva Club, The Beach, Sotogrande here.

Star 1:

15 -16 July:

Cristóbal Muñoz, creative mind behind the kitchen of Ambivium, restaurant of the Pago Carraovejas wineryPeñafiel, Spain.

He stands out for his enthusiasm, hard work, perseverance and his profound culinary knowledge despite his youth. Gastronomy and viticulture go hand in hand in this restaurant where he offers a different experience, honest and without artifice that will give us the opportunity to travel the world with wine as the protagonist.

Price: 140€ per person (70€ wine pairing)

Star 2:

22-23 July:

María José Martínez, from Lienzo Restaurant in Valencia, Spain.

Lienzo prepares a fresh, original and casual gastronomic proposal based on seasonal products with intense, traditional flavours, and the personal touch of María José. Sustainability is a common thread in their creations. They have their own honeycomb and base their dishes on bee products.

Price: 140€ per person (drinks not included)

Star 3:

5-6 August:

Jean Baptiste Natali, from Natali restaurant, Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, France.

On the weekend of 5 and 6 August will be the perfect opportunity to discover Natali’s unique cuisine, where aromatic herbs and wild flavours take centre stage. His interesting commitment to the flavours of the forest has travelled all over the world, as he has worked in prestigious restaurants in New York, Marrakech, Thailand and China. All this helped him to earn his first Michelin star at the precocious age of 27.

Price: 140€ per person (drinks not included)

Star 4:

12-13 August:

Nicolas Isnard, chef of the Restaurant L’Auberge de la CharmePreunois, France.

We will enjoy an evening at The Beach with the chef who 8 months after moving to Prenois won a Michelin star alongside David Le Comte. Curious, ambitious and audacious, his travels have helped him to build a unique brand where the quality of the product is paramount and where flavour takes on its full meaning.

Price: 140€ per person (drinks not included)

Star 5:

26-27 August:

Germán Carrizo and Carito Lourenço from FierroValencia, Spain.

Two chefs who are committed to the Mediterranean, feeling free to explore new flavours of everyday home cooking. Argentine tradition, ember and origin, combined with local produce and haute cuisine techniques from around the world, giving rise to a surprising experience where the diner is taken on a journey through flavour.

Price: 140€ per person (drinks not included)

Chef Carlos Navarro & Chef Alberto Sarmiento

Our first hand experience of one of these gASTROnomic journeys was the sensational dimmer by Chef Carlos Navarro and Chef Alberto Sarmiento. Starters of exceptional nigiri, exquisite Salmonete, and pudding of a Green Tea Mochi.

Every night is a gastronomic night at The Beach – open until the end of September.

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Address: The Beach, La Reserva Club, Avenida La Reserva, s/n, 11310 Sotogrande, Spain (west of Marbella)