IV Essentially Mallorca luxury tourism awards 2021, presented by Paloma Lago

This week saw the prestigious IV Essentially Mallorca luxury tourism awards 2021 in Mallorca.

The winners of the IV Essentially Mallorca Awards were:

LJS Ratxó Eco Luxury Retreat – category, the Best Commitment to Luxury

Carmina Shoemaker – category, the Best Essence of Mallorca

Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation – category, the Best Luxury Ambassador of Mallorca

Andreu Serra (left), with presenter Paloma Lago, and President of Essentially Mallorca, Jesus Cuartero

Importance of Luxury Tourism

Essentially Mallorca promotes luxury tourism on the Mediterrean island, where high end travel contributes to longer, more profitable stays: 46% of luxury travel tourists spend at least 10 days on vacation in Mallorca, and 30% spend more than two weeks, which significantly increases their spending, whose average is around the €5,000 per day.

IV Essentially Mallorca Awards

The beautiful Alfabia Gardens were the setting of this sparkling event for the IV Essentially Mallorca Awards, presented by model and presenter Paloma Lago.

President of Essentially Mallorca, Jesus Cuartero, with celebrity presenter, Paloma Lago

It was a real pleasure to be a guest at these awards. We took the iconic vintage train from Palma to the magical setting of the Alfabia Gardens.

In addition to the three winners, this year an additional recognition has been added through a SPECIAL MENTION to those companies, individuals or groups that have a significant contribution to overcoming the COVID situation. This important recognition was awarded to the associations Sonrisa Médica and Gente Mayor de Mallorca.

Organised by Essentially Mallorca – the trade association that promotes Mallorca as a luxury destination – and with the sponsorship of the Mallorca Tourism Foundation, these awards recognise companies and organizations that offer unique experiences in the luxury travel sector, aiming to stimulate excellence and contribute to the improvement of quality, exclusivity, and distinction on the island.

The event was attended by different representatives of the Consell Insular de Mallorca, such as the executive director of Tourism and Sports, Andreu Serra; the director of Tourism, Lucía Escribano and the technical secretary of Tourism and Sports, Joan Gaspar. The director of the Fundació Mallorca Turisme, Miquel Pastor, and the director of the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands (AETIB) Xisco Mateu, also participated in the awards ceremony.

Prize winners, with jury members (JD) of Essentially Mallorca, and the islands tourism representatives
Left to right: Paloma Lago, Bernat Llobera (JD EM), Jesús Cuartero (President EM), Alejandro Albaladejo (Carmina Shoemaker), Ben Jakober y Yannick, Lisa Cross y Llorenç Fluxà (LJS Ratxó), Andreu Serra (Sport & Tourism Councillor), Mar Suau (JD EM), Nicolás Ostrovsky (JD EM), Lucía Escribano (Directora Insular Turismo Mallorca) y Laura Calvo (JD EM)

During the event, the president of Essentially Mallorca, Jesús Cuartero, highlighted the importance of the luxury sector in Mallorca: “The island is the perfect destination for tourists seeking exclusivity and discretion. These awards are intended to highlight the important, exclusive projects created by local companies and that extend the exclusive brand of Mallorca internationally “.

Those attending the awards ceremony enjoyed luxury Mallorca catering offered by the AMIDA company.

Luxury Tourism in Mallorca – In Focus

In recent years, luxury tourism has been one of the sectors that has best adapted to the threats of emerging markets, basing its growth on the competitive improvement of companies in the sector and on the creation of value for the tourism product it offers.

In fact, luxury tourism in general contributes to prolonging the average stay. Thus, 46% of luxury travel tourists spend 10 days on their vacations; 30% have been more than two weeks. The percentage that leaves for less than a week is only 3%.

Specifically, the luxury segment in the Balearic archipelago accounts for around 1,000 million euros in sales, which represents 15% of the national total. In Mallorca specifically, the sectors with the greatest economic impact are nautical (with 750 million euros per year) and golf, which generates around 167 million euros a year on the island.

For their part, the premium tourist is one of the most interesting: middle-aged and highly educated, has an average annual income of more than € 150,000 and makes an average daily expenditure of around € 5,000, a figure much higher than the average. which is around € 100.

2021 Ambassadors of Mallorca Tourism

LJS Ratxó Eco Luxury Retreat, the first hotel establishment of the LJs business group that aspires to become the greenest luxury hotel in the Mediterranean.

Carmina Shoemaker, a family-owned artisan footwear company, manufactures shoes that fly from Inca, the city of leather, to all parts of the world.

Yannick and Ben Jakober Foundation, an entity located in Alcudia that has a museum fully integrated with nature, fully protected, and declared a biological reserve.

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