Kempinski Hotel Bahía Marbella Art Series 2019 continues with exhibition of three international recognised artists

From November 14th till the end of December, Kempinski Hotel Bahía will exhibit three international recognised artists within the hotel Art Foyer and Art Gallery. Hailing from Germany, Belgium and the UK, these artists will bring their latest works and collections to the hotel. An array of paintings, sculptures and crystalized works, by Anna Schellberg, San B and Hannes d’Haese will all make for a spectacular exhibition and a fitting farewell to the Kempinski Arts Series 2019.

San B is a fast rising London artist who works with Swarovski Crystals.

His journey started by creating clothing which led to designing for celebrities and artists including Bruno Mars and Hip-Hop act Wn Tang Clan.  San B creates portraits at a larger scale of inspirational and timeless icons, such as Prince, Elvis and Amy Winehouse. The process consists of image manipulation allowing him to distinguish sections of contrast, transferring the image to the material and hand placing each crystal.

For this exhibition we welcome Ann Schellberg who hails from Germany.

Ann’s background lies in journalism and therefore we can see how she interprets the world in a more profound way, almost, ‘reading between the lines’. With her paintings, Anna Schellberg wants to tell stories. Shattered dreams, lost hopes or broken personalities find their way into her art, but also the intertwining of past, present and future are themes that will be found repeatedly in her works. By blurring, deconstructing, fragmenting or even destroying smoothness of the surface Anna wants to put the focus on what lies beneath.

Hannes d’Haese, is a Belgian painter and visual artist. A self-taught artist, his approach aims to give priority to dreams and imagination, offering images full of hope and life.
His sculptures of animals are the product of his project “imaginarium”, a tribute to Noah’s Ark. This project immerses us in the artist’s worldview, between the recognition of social emptiness that invades us and the reconquest of a more sincere human solidarity.
Hannes D’Haese’s pieces have become famous in Europe.

The three international artists have been brought to Kempinski Hotel Bahía by Dragon Art, who represent artists from all over the world, selected for their unique story and amazing talent.

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