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Middleton Lodge Celebrates Michelin Awards

Head chef at Forge, Jake Jones, receives Michelin’s Young Chef of the Year award within a year of Forge’s opening, and the estate is awarded the Michelin Green Star.

Middleton Lodge Estate in North Yorkshire proudly announces its outstanding achievements at the 2024 Michelin Awards for Great Britain and Ireland. Jake Jones, the visionary head chef at Forge restaurant, has been honoured with the prestigious Michelin Young Chef of the Year award, a remarkable feat accomplished within a mere year of Forge’s grand opening. In addition to this culinary triumph, the estate has also been bestowed with the coveted Michelin Green Star in recognition of its unwavering dedication to ethical and environmental standards.

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Hailing from the historic city of York, 32-year-old chef extraordinaire, Jake Jones, brings a wealth of experience from the realm of farm-to-table gastronomy. His journey with Middleton Lodge Estate commenced in 2021, marked by an unwavering commitment to harmonise his culinary craft with the surrounding landscape. This commitment resulted in the concept of Forge, a dining experience deeply rooted in an “estate-to-plate” ethos. Jake’s culinary wizardry shines through in his meticulously curated tasting menus, which draw inspiration from the plentiful seasonal offerings of the estate’s sprawling 200-acre landscape and the lush two-acre kitchen garden. Every dish crafted by Jake embodies a steadfast dedication to sustainability and innovation, with ingredients sourced either on-site or through selective partnerships with local suppliers who share a profound eco-conscious ethos.

Chef Jake Jones remarks, “I’m overjoyed to receive Michelin’s Young Chef of the Year award within a year of opening Forge. I’ve worked closely with the estate owner, James, and general manager, Glen, to develop the Forge experience. I’d like to thank them and the kitchen, front of house, and gardening teams who have helped make this possible.”

Estate owner, James Allison, adds “The team and I are so proud of Jake for receiving such a milestone achievement within a year of opening Forge. To be celebrating this, and the Michelin Green Star is amazing, we’re delighted”.

The spirit of sustainability is deeply embedded in Middleton Lodge’s restoration initiatives. The estate has diligently researched and executed a host of sustainable practices, encompassing biomass heating, borehole water utilization, a cutting-edge biodigester, electric kitchens, and comprehensive recycling and reuse programs. The introduction of beehives has enhanced pollination while yielding estate honey.

A substantial investment has been directed towards the meticulous restoration of the original two-acre garden, thoughtfully redesigned by the renowned Tom Stuart-Smith and completed in 2018. This lush garden now yields a rich bounty of seasonal produce that graces the estate’s kitchens, reducing food miles and championing the estate-to-plate philosophy. Most recently, additional greenhouses and raised beds have been integrated to augment the estate’s self-sufficiency in producing ingredients.

James Allison also adds “I’d like to thank the wonderful team we have at Middleton Lodge for their passion, hard work and dedication; it’s this that makes moments like these so special. Restoring the estate in the most environmentally conscious, sustainable way is at the core of what we do, which is why the Michelin Green Star means so much. I’d also like to thank Ross Forder, our Coach House head chef, for his creativity and dedication to our ‘estate to plate’ ethos,”

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Those looking to dine at Forge can choose between the 6-course tasting menu (£65pp with wine pairing at £55pp) or the ten-course tasting menu (£105pp with wine pairing £75pp).

Reservations can be made for Thursday to Sunday evenings only. Room reservations can be made at Middleton Lodge Estate; prices range between £240 and £440, based on a bed and continental breakfast rate.

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