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The Lost Poet Opens In Notting Hill This June

Coming to London this month, The Lost Poet is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional guesthouse – a four-bedroom townhouse situated at one of London’s most exclusive and sought-after addresses, Number 6 Portobello Road, Notting Hill. Championing a ‘small is beautiful’ approach, The Lost Poet will be uniquely relevant to the modern discerning traveller, offering access to this neighbourhood like never before.

The Design

Deeply rooted in its surrounding area, The Lost Poet comes from the team at Cubic Studios – a local property design studio, born and bred in Notting Hill. The townhouse is a poetic love letter to the area, celebrating its creativity and dynamism through four individually designed bedrooms. The design harnesses the colour and playful curiosity of Portobello Road and takes inspiration from the market, mixing the old with the new. Guests will find modern art, bold wallpapers and bespoke furniture sitting in juxtaposition with antique trinkets and reclaimed wood panelling created from old school science labs.

Cubic Studios has a proud history of revitalising old, damaged and neglected buildings in the area, having completed many challenging restorations in and around Notting Hill. Previous projects include sites on Ladbroke Road, Ledbury Road, Kensington Park Road, All Saints Road and on Portobello Road itself. The Lost Poet is Cubic’s first foray into hospitality and comes from a desire to share this part of London in a new, unique way. With a background in architecture and a deep love for Notting Hill, Cubic’s Creative Director has driven the transformation, focusing on the building’s original structure and features, carefully considering the unique characteristics of each room during the design process.

A dedicated colour palette has been deliberately chosen for each room. This monochromatic approach creates a sense of calm and tranquillity, while adding character. The lower level is home to the ‘yellow’ room, think a combination of muted earthy tones, a quirky under-the-stairs bathroom and plenty of natural light flooding in from the strategically placed lightwells. The ‘green’ room on the ground floor opens up onto Portobello immersing guests in the hustle and bustle of the market. The window seat, bordered by traditional wood shutters, offers a peaceful place for guests to wind down. The third floor ‘pink’ room blends bright shades of pink with soft rouge hues and the dancing bare bodies adorning the wallpaper in the bathroom lends a sense of playfulness to the design. The piece de resistance, the top-floor ‘blue’ room comprises a spacious bedroom with stand-alone bathtub, a separate living space accessed via a quaint staircase and an expansive south facing terrace with unparalleled views over West London’s rooftops.

Restored wood panels, stone and metal have been used to give texture and depth to each space. The bathroom suites boast exquisite marble floors, bespoke vanity units featuring brassware from British-brand Samuel Heath and vibrant Spanish tiles sit alongside chic House of Hackney and Maison C wallpaper, all in the relevant shades. Each room has stand-out antique pieces including an Irish armchair and a chaise lounge, sourced by the expert team at The French House and given a new lease of life with striking Timorous Beasties fabric. Other furniture pieces have been sourced from local Portobello dealers. Each bedroom is also home to a lounge area for guests to relax in with TVs that blend seamlessly into the design, displaying art when not in use.

The Concept

Accessible to guests arriving at any time of day or night, the concept offers the independence of rental property with the design, housekeeping and concierge elements synonymous with a luxury boutique hotel. The house will be adults only when booked on an individual room basis, otherwise guests can opt to hire the four rooms exclusively. With some of London’s best food offerings on its doorstep, guests can tailor their time with the help of The Lost Poet’s insider guide curated by a network who live in and love the area. From impossible-to-get-a-table restaurants to arguably London’s best tacos and hidden gem gin bars to historic pubs.

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The Location

The Lost Poet townhouse, dating back to 1850s, is set on the curve of the terrace at the very top end of Portobello Road and is part of the tapestry of Notting Hill’s history. Long since transformed from a once notorious slum, known in the 19th century as the ‘Potteries and the Piggeries’, Notting Hill is one of London’s most compelling neighbourhoods – tourists and Londoners alike are drawn by its charismatic rawness. Now known for its intoxicating mix of high-low culture and palpable energy, Notting Hill offers a blend of London charm. Exclusive fashion boutiques sit side-by-side with authentic street food and antique stores, vibrant restaurants are interwoven with traditional London ‘boozers’, and at the centre of this melting pot snakes the world-famous Portobello Road Market. The Lost Poet offers Londoners, out-of-towners and savvy travellers’ exclusive access to this alluring part of London with a beautiful townhouse to call home.