The Opening of the Jeddah EDITION Marks a Transformative Era for Saudi Arabia

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embarks on its ambitious Vision 2030, aiming to cultivate a modern, thriving society, the launch of The Jeddah EDITION epitomises this transformative journey. Strategically opened on May 2, 2024, this hotel is not just a new destination but a landmark event showcasing Saudi Arabia’s commitment to economic diversification and societal enrichment.

Cultural Fusion and Architectural Marvel

Located on the picturesque Jeddah Corniche, The Jeddah EDITION integrates seamlessly into the city’s cultural and architectural fabric. The hotel’s design, a sleek structure reminiscent of a superyacht, complements its setting near the Jeddah Art Promenade and the historical allure of Al-Balad, a UNESCO Heritage site. This property stands as a testament to the city’s motto, “Jeddah Ghair” (Jeddah is different), celebrating its unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Visionary Collaborations and Luxurious Accommodations

The Jeddah EDITION results from a collaboration between Marriott International, EDITION Hotels, and the design prowess of Yabu Pushelberg, under the visionary leadership of Sela’s Dr. Rakan Al Harthi. The property boasts 52 rooms and 11 suites, including lavish Penthouses with panoramic views, merging refined simplicity with local culture. The entire hotel is a carefully choreographed experience, from the lobby’s striking art installations to the tranquil spa, all designed to offer a sanctuary of luxury.

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Culinary Excellence Meets Local Flair

Under the culinary direction of the acclaimed chef Cédric Vongerichten, the hotel’s signature restaurant, Maritime, offers a French-Asian fusion menu that respects local tastes and traditions. Dishes like local shrimp dumplings with lemongrass beurre blanc and caviar showcase the chef’s expertise in blending diverse flavours. The restaurant, with its plush interiors and scenic terrace, provides a perfect backdrop for meals that transition from day to night.

Social Spaces and Unique Experiences

The Jeddah EDITION is designed to be a social hub. From its Lobby Bar, with bespoke furnishings and curated art, to The Roof, a Mediterranean beach club-inspired retreat, the hotel offers diverse spaces for relaxation and socialization. The Den, a lounge specifically for cigar aficionados, and the expansive fitness and wellness facilities, provide guests with exclusive experiences tailored to their preferences.

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Supporting Vision 2030

By opening The Jeddah EDITION, Marriott International not only expands its luxury hospitality footprint but also aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader goals of attracting global tourism and fostering cultural exchange. This hotel is a beacon of the new era, promising a future where luxury and culture coalesce, making Jeddah a must-visit destination on the global map. As Saudi Arabia continues to open its doors to the world, The Jeddah EDITION stands ready to welcome the future with open arms, blending international standards with local hospitality.

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