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W London Launch New ‘Advena’ Island Experience

Inviting guests to escape the everyday by embracing the W brand’s mission to fuel guest’s ‘lust for life’, W London has teamed up with artist Georgia Tucker to create an island getaway in the heart of the city. A paradisal landscape of tropical fauna, colourful architecture, opalescent orbs and warm beaches, the Advena Island Escape integrates the virtual with the physical, creating a totally immersive experience through a mixture of projections and vinyls, brought to life through a VR headset. 

Advena explores the ecological and social impact of tourism, and our desire for escapism exacerbated by travel restrictions. The installation creates the notion of ‘island life within the city’ and was conceptualised by Tucker when travelling was not possible. ‘I want people to find a sense of escapism within this space and a sense of playfulness, but I also want it to start a conversation – leading people to question why it is they travel, and the effect Instagram has played on this.’ said Georgia. 

Seeking inspiration from dreamscapes, tropical islands, and Luis Baragan’s architectural designs the Advena Island Escape is an amalgamation of pink and orange fluorescent hues, swaying palms, geometric contours, giant pineapples and exotic vistas. With international travel on hold, Georgia created Advena as a way to break free from the monotonous everyday, exploring the meaning behind a ‘sustainable resort.’  

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During the creation of the project, Georgia analysed Gen Z and Millennials travel habits and the reasons that lie behind visiting certain destinations. As travel begins to resume, the experience hopes to provoke conversations around what it is travellers now seek from their holidays, and if the need for ‘Instagrammable’ moments and experiences have overtaken the desire for the destination itself.  

Set in the hotel’s iconic WOW Suite, the experience ensures escapism is accessible to all without having to catch a flight, transporting guests to a tropical island in the centre of the West End. Guests can also enjoy an exclusive dessert and cocktail after the virtual getaway. Blending white and dark chocolate, with fruity flavours of coconut, pineapple, mango and passion fruit, The Tropical Rocks dessert truly is a holiday for the tastebuds and will transport guests to sugar-white sands, whilst The Escapist cocktail mixes Belvedere and Cointreau with pumpkin, pomegranate, lemon, and apple, resulting in a truly thirst-quenching concoction fit for an island escapade.  

Those looking to fully immerse themselves within the world of Advena, can opt for the Advena Island Escape package, designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of the W’s luxury rooms and suites, guests will be welcomed with The Escapist cocktail and Tropical Rocks dessert, before being taken to their room where they will be greeted with a VR headset and soundscape. From there, be transported to the balmy beaches of the tropics without leaving the hotel room, with the virtual holiday sound tracked by lapping waves and swaying palms to provide the ultimate escapism, ensuring guests leave the hotel feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Advena Island experience is free of charge and will be running in W London’s WOW Suite between 22nd July – 22nd August 2021. The experience lasts 30-minutes and can be booked for up to 6 people, via

While the Advena Island Escape stay package is available to book until 17th October and can be booked via the Marriott website