Waldorf Astoria Unveils Its Luxurious Presence in the Seychelles with the Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island

Waldorf Astoria, Hilton’s celebrated luxury hotel brand, announces its debut in the idyllic Seychelles with the launch of the Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island. This significant opening marks a new chapter in the brand’s expansion, introducing a blend of sophisticated hospitality and sustainable travel experiences set against the breathtaking backdrop of Platte Island’s natural beauty.

Introducing a New Level of Luxury

Nestled on the serene shores of Seychelles, the Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island is home to an exquisite collection of 50 seafront villas, offering unparalleled luxury and personalised concierge services. Guests can choose from an array of accommodations, ranging from one-to-three-bedroom villas to a grand master five-bedroom villa, each surrounded by expansive gardens. The resort’s design philosophy seamlessly integrates the elegance of Waldorf Astoria’s services with the timeless charm of Platte Island, promising a unique and unforgettable experience for its discerning guests.

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A Commitment to Eco-Conscious Luxury

Under the leadership of Guy Hutchinson, president of the Middle East and Africa at Hilton, the resort is set to redefine luxury hospitality by harmonizing it with the natural splendour of Platte Island. Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island is not just a retreat but a sanctuary that emphasises eco-friendly programs and partnerships. The resort’s dedication to preserving its pristine surroundings is evident through its collaboration with marine biologists and local conservation organizations, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the island’s diverse flora and fauna.

Architectural Marvel and Culinary Excellence

With architecture and interior design that pays homage to the island’s heritage and natural elements, the resort stands as a testament to luxury that respects its environment. From villas inspired by the hawksbill turtle’s shell to dining experiences that blend international and local cuisines, every aspect of Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island has been crafted to perfection. Guests can indulge in a variety of culinary delights across six restaurants and bars, including the Creole-Latin fusion cuisine at Maison Des Epices and the Mediterranean flavours of La Perle.

Beyond Luxury: A Wellness and Adventure Haven

The resort extends its luxury offerings to wellness and adventure, providing guests with a sanctuary for rejuvenation and exploration. The Waldorf Astoria Spa, inspired by the unique coco de mer, offers treatments that blend modern wellness technologies with traditional therapies. For those seeking adventure, the resort curates local experiences that connect guests with the beauty of Seychelles, from eco-awareness programs to water sports and island explorations.

An Eco-Paradise for Families and Conservationists

Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island is not just a retreat for luxury seekers but also a haven for families and young explorers. With the Sea Scouts Kids Club and Marine Mavericks Teens Club, the resort encourages younger guests to engage with nature and learn about conservation efforts. Additionally, the resort’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its operations, from solar energy utilization to water conservation practices, underscoring its dedication to environmental stewardship.

A New Jewel in the Crown of Seychelles

The opening of Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island is a landmark event in the world of luxury travel, offering a blend of exquisite hospitality, environmental responsibility, and unforgettable experiences. As Waldorf Astoria makes its grand debut in Seychelles, it invites sophisticated travellers to discover the unparalleled beauty of Platte Island, where luxury meets sustainability in perfect harmony.

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