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Each month we like to chat to a different luxury travel expert. This month it’s the turn of luxury travel fanatic Benny Jurdi, based in Jakarta he knows all there is to know about luxury hotels. Read on to find out more about Benny, his website and Instagram and his top tips on luxury hotels and resorts in Asia.


Hello! I’m Benny Jurdi (also called ‘Benjur’), from Jakarta, Indonesia who has a passion in storytelling and photography. I’m a fan of places that are rich in culture and history and I’ve always loved exploring new places and seeing the other side of the story from the places I visit, because like people say, “Traveling around is one of the best things you can do for yourself.” And yes, it’s so damn true. Exploring new places makes me meet many interesting, inspiring, and wonderful people! It offers you the money-can’t-buy experience. So finally, all my travelling inspired me to share all my experiences and dreams on my blog, I want all my readers to feel what I felt and experience what I experienced.

Ah, and I cannot forget! I love the beach!

Benny your Instagram profile is really popular and we love following your stories tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into luxury travel.

Because luxury travel always offers the best of the best and promises you maximum happiness I wanted to share with you my recommendations about the best places to stay and inspire you to travel your dreams. Because we only live once, and what better way to relax than booking into places that guarantee luxury comfort and service?

You have stayed at some beautiful hotels, what do you look for in a luxury hotel/resort?

For me a luxury hotel is not about the marble bathtub or fancy toiletries, it’s about the place that feels like home, even it’s the first time you’ve been there, from the atmosphere of the place to the friendliness of the staff. Luxury is that level of service that can make you feel special. Because for me, a hotel can make or break a trip. It can give you an authentic experience that is unique to their destination. So take the best one!

Tell us about some of your most memorable hotel experiences.

Alila Solo, in Central Java, Indonesia, because surprisingly they gave me a private huge breakfast spread by the pool!

I love Raffles Hotel Jakarta because this hotel is different to every other luxury hotel in Jakarta. It’s more like an art gallery inspired by beloved Indonesian artist Hendra Gunawan, so you can find his artwork at every corner of this hotel. And I had a memorable “shower experience” at their spa. This is so cool! You can choose Caribbean Storm, Cool Mist, or Caribbean Monsoon, and each of them offers a different unique experience! From the water texture, aroma, sound and even the lights which go from blue, to green, pink, or purple! I felt like I was Captain Jack Sparrow while my “Black pearl” was hit by a thunderstorm in the middle of the sea! Lol!

And I love the warm hospitality of The St Regis Bali Resort so much! The St Regis Bali team knew that I’m a big fan of Bloody Mary’s (The St Regis Hotel signature cocktail), and presented me with a book of Bloody Mary’s from around the world!

You are based in Asia, tell us about some of the best places to stay in Asia for people visiting from the UK.

The St Regis Singapore is the perfect fit for Spa Weekend Getaways. Their “Bastien’s Duo” signature treatment is an incredibly relaxing experience! You can’t go wrong and you will sleep like a baby! (Great for couples)

The St Regis Bali Resort is one of my favourite and perfect for those who looking for beach escapes! Gorgeous in every way. From the beach, to the rooms, to the pool, to the food, and the hospitality. Don’t miss the private luxury Sunday brunch at their Kayuputi restaurant. And don’t forget to try their signature food “Lobster Omelette” too! Super tasty! Trust me – you will never want to leave. (Great for families and couples)

The St Regis Osaka! Because I admire the hospitality here! The staff were extremely helpful! The Japanese people are so friendly in everyday life, but the staff here! Wow they go way above and beyond! It was worth every penny and the view is incredible. (Great for couples)

Which city have you not yet visited that is high on your travel to-do list (and why)?

I want to go to Oia, Santorini! Because It’s one of the most beautiful and magical looking places in the world  And they said, Santorini has one of the best sunset views in this world! So I’m curious about it and want to see it for myself. Sunset, wine, and beautiful buildings. Sounds like a plan, right?

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