Parfums Givenchy Presents La Collection Particulière, Fragrance Creations Inspired By Haute Couture

Parfums Givenchy presents La Collection Particulière; nine individual fragrances with exquisitely distinctive personalities.

Each clear bottle features a minimalist rectilinear design, finished with a sleek black cap and of course, a label inspired by haute couture.

“Perfume is the final touch of style and elegance, an identity card.”

The Accord Particulier, is the underpinning fragrance of this collection and although this can be worn alone, the scent can also be mixed and matched with the woody Trouble-Fête, the natural Sans Artifice, the sensual Peur de Rien, the vivacious Oiseau Rare, the bold Indompté, the determined Sans Merci, the disquieting Garçon Manqué or the surprising Enflammé. When layered with notes of the eight other perfumes the result is a highly personalised one – the perfect way to reveal the personality of the wearer.

To enhance further the individuality of the collection the4G logo on the bottle caps can be replaced with engraved initials on a gold or silver plate, an animal print, or a marble pattern

With the La Collection Particulière, everyone can now express the myriad facets of their own personality.

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