Phantom by Paco Rabanne – New Men’s Fragrance

This futuristic fragrance is the result of a contrasting combination; luxury craftsmanship meets new-age tech.  A cutting-edge creative process is used using the finest hand-selected ingredients to produce a scent that makes you feel energised, powerful, confident and sexy.

Phantom is a blend of refreshing notes of lemon and vetiver which are perfectly balanced with irresistible creamy lavender and woody vanilla to give an overdose of feel-good and long-lasting sensations.

The fragrance is made in France, from responsibly and ethically sourced ingredients like organic lavandin absolute, Italian lemon and vetiver from Haiti. And the 150 ml Eau de Toilette bottle is reusable, with an innovative and easy-to-use refill mechanism.

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The bottle is chrome, metal and black with a highly futuristic design and is more than just a bottle, Phantom is the first ever connectedfragrance – simply tap the top of the bottle and discover the Phantom Universe

Radically different, totally disruptive: discover more

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