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Pocketalk S Language Translator – Review

Pocketalk S Language: The Two-Way Translation Device That’s Connecting the World

The ability to roam further afield once again has reignited the need to understand and be understood abroad. And while Google Translate has its uses, I was seeking something a little more in-depth, not least when it came to translating text. This led me to Pocketalk S, a two-way translation device with the capacity to translate 82 languages – both in audio and text. The company behind this device is actually already a world leader in enabling authentic communication. Manufactured in Japan with operations in California, the product was birthed across two of the most tech-forward locations on earth. The original Pocketalk had in excess of 600,000 devotees before this new version launched. So I was keen to try the latest, greatest version. 

Pocket friendly and portable

Pocketalk comes in four different colours: gold, white, red and black. It feels light to the touch and comfortable to hold, but compact enough to slip into a holdall. Much of the size is, necessarily, taken up with the screen – and it’s here where the magic happens. 

Accurate text translation 

First, I tried looking up text using the Pocketalk camera. Much like Shazam recognises songs, this immediately recognised the written word, giving me a clear text translation on the touch screen. I found it worked really well whether using books, menus, leaflets or even signposts, thanks to its fast processor and access to international translation engines. 

No need for maths on the go

Next, I wanted to take it a step further. Working out currency conversion has always been a nuisance, particularly where time is of the essence, so I was excited to see how it fared here. A quick flash of the camera provided accurate conversions of the several currencies I tried, as well as length, width and temperatures too. 

Understanding localised accents and vocabulary

Regional dialects and slang words are where we often come unstuck, even with a reasonable command of another tongue. So it was here I decided to have some fun. Along with a few bilingual friends, I experimented by using the device’s listening and repeating capability (a noise-cancelling microphone and two high-quality speakers). Even in a noisy bar, Pocketalk translated a wide variety of accents and slang. I also used my Pocketalk to practice a few phrases. By speaking into the mic, I was able to receive feedback on my own pronunciation – a useful and interactive way to brush up on my overseas conversational skills. 

Removing the language barrier 

It may look a little like a smartphone, but it far outperforms on battery, lasting several weeks without a charge. And my Pocketalk came with two years of data, ready to go from day one. Clearly a groundbreaking device, it’s no surprise that this has been picked up by the medical world, as a tool for patients and professionals to communicate more effectively in clinical settings. 

Whether for business travel, holidays, or to improve your language skills, this is an invaluable bit of kit. Pocketalk can be used in more than 130 countries and regions. And I take that as a challenge to visit (and try it in) as many of these locations as possible!

The Pocktalk S is a fantastic piece of technology, priced at £249 and can be bought via their website