Priority Pass Review

I travel a lot of leisure and business and one thing I have learnt the hard way over the years is that having to hang about in airports isn’t fun. If you travel frequently or even a few times a year it’s quite easy to significantly upgrade your airport experience by having a Priority Pass Lounge Pass.

What Is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass has been around for a while, but it’s only just recently that it has exploded in popularity. It’s a membership card which grants you access to business lounges at selected airports globally for either no cost or a discounted price. Currently, there are 1200 business lounges within its global network and this is expanding rapidly. I love it so much it is an essential part of my travel kit now, I would never head to an airport without it!

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What Are The Different Membership Levels?

Priority Pass comes with different access levels and depending on how often you plan on using it dictates which membership level is best suited to you.

Standard Level

You pay an annual fee of £69 and then each visit is £15. This membership level is useful is you plan on traveling only a few times in a year. If you plan to travel more frequently then it doesn’t offer the best value for money.

Standard Plus

You pay an annual fee of £159 and then your first ten visits are free and then £15 after that. This level of access is great for people who travel between 5 and 10 trips per year.


You pay an annual fee of £259 and all visits in that year are free. This is great if you are a frequent flier doing more than 10 plus trips per year.

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Any Downsides?

There are a couple of small negative things.

There are not Priority Pass lounges in every airport in the world, they tend to be in the busier airports globally. I.e. I went to Reykjavik expecting there to be a lounge in the airport and there wasn’t and I had a long wait in the airport.

In large airports there are not always lounges in every terminal – you might be flying out of one terminal and the Priority Pass lounge is in another terminal making it impractical to visit.

How to Find Priority Pass Lounges

There are more than 1200 Priority Pass lounges globally so finding one is easy! Large airports can have multiples lounges and smaller airports just one.

You can check all the lounges globally you can access on this page of the Priority Pass website.

My Experience of Priority Pass

As I mentioned before I am a convert and have had my lounge pass for many years and it has been a lifesaver. I have used it in so many places, including Madrid, Barcelona, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Geneva, London the list goes on and one.

For complete ease download the Priority Pass app and once you pass thought check-in and security the app will guide you. Once you reach the lounge it is just a case of presenting your PP card and it being swiped, if you are taking guests in you can also do this at a cost of £15 per guest.

Lounges have unlimited free food and drink, magazines, wi-fi and charging points and some lounges also have showers to freshen up in and most importantly peace and calm.

Should I buy one?

The Priority Pass card isn’t for everyone if you travel once or twice a year it isn’t going to be useful, or if you fly business class or have a credit card with lounge access you will have access to this already.

But if you travel a few times a year and want to upgrade your flying experience then it is well worth the cost and for delayed flights, it’s a godsend!

Where Can I buy It?

You can buy it via their UK website and receive 10% off your order, by using this link.

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