Samsung Unveils Galaxy SmartTag

Are you forever losing things around the house? Then Samsung has the gadget for you. The smart tech giant has released the solution to misplaced items – the Galaxy SmartTag. With a range of up to 120 meters, this dongle will quickly and easily reunite you with your belongings.

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets

You will need a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to use it. As the name would suggest, it’s been specifically designed to harmonize with these devices in particular. Simply pair it to your Galaxy smart device via Samsung’s SmartThings app. The SmartTag then detects its location on a map (based on the paired device’s last known point) and displays a proximity indicator. Depending on how close you are to the SmartTag, you can tap a button to make it chime. It’s a super useful feature for those who tend to misplace things around the house.

Bluetooth Low Energy dongle

But how does this help you find items? Well, once paired, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) dongle can be hooked onto anything you like – a set of keys, a handbag, or your dog’s collar, for example. The chime effect can then be activated as required, so you can track down the item by sound.
One-touch control

And it’s not only a tracking device. The dongle doubles as a one-touch IoT control. This enables you to turn your Samsung appliances on and off – such as your smart speaker, robot vacuums, sound system, or TV.

Check out Samsung’s website for details on how to get yours – and never be parted from your precious things again.

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